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Title: 授權賦能、正向心理資本及組織公民行為關係之研究-以金融監督管理委員會暨所屬機關為例
A Study on Relationships among Empowerment, Positive Psychological Capital and Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Civil Servants in Financial Supervisory Commission
Authors: 李隆盛
Lee, Lung-Sheng
Yang, You-Min
Keywords: 授權賦能
positive psychological capital
organizational citizenship behavior
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 在快速變遷的社會及民意高漲的年代,民眾可透過各種資訊管道來檢視公務人員的服務績效。公務人員被期望在工作說明書之外,仍願意無條件地表現出有利於組織的自發性行為,以提升為民服務的品質及行政效能的展現。因此,公務人員面臨巨大心理壓力與挑戰不可小覷。本研究探究公務人員授權賦能和組織公民行為之間的關係,及可藉由正向心理資本在前述關係中的中介效果,於2016年3-5月針對金融監督管理委員會暨所屬機關公務人員,透過便利抽樣回收有效問卷427份。結果發現:(1)授權賦能和組織公民行為為正相關;(2)授權賦能和正向心理資本為正相關;(3)正向心理資本和組織公民行為為正相關;以及(4)正向心理資本在授權賦能與組織公民行為之間具部分中介效果。因此,建議該機關一併強化公務人員授權賦能和正向心理資本,以促進其組織公民行為的展現。
With social change and public opinion rising rapidly, the public can examine public service performance through various information sources. Civil servants are not only required by job descriptions but also expected to demonstrate their spontaneous behaviors to benefit their organizations to improve the efficiency and quality of service for the citizens. Therefore, civil servants’ enormous pressure and challenges should not be neglected. This study investigates the mediating effect of positive psychological capital between empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior of the civil servants in Financial Supervisory Commission. In 2016, from March to May, the 427 valid questionnaires via convenience sampling were collected. Consequently, the following findings are obtained: (1) Empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior are positively correlated; (2) Empowerment and positive psychological capital are positively correlated; (3) Positive psychological capital and organizational citizenship behavior are positively correlated and (4) Positive psychological capital partially mediates the relationship between empowerment and organizational citizenship behavior. Therefore simutaneously, it is suggested that Financial Supervisory Commission should enhance empowerment and positive psychological capital of civil servants, to encourage them to demonstrate organizational citizenship behavior.
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