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Title: 兩輪移動車模糊控制
Fuzzy Control for Two-Wheeled Mobile Robots
Authors: 呂藝光
Yih-Guang Leu
Chih-Yu Wang
Keywords: 兩輪移動車
Two- wheeled mobile robots
Control system
Fuzzy control
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本論文主要是研究與製作一個兩輪移動車。兩輪移動車之機構分成車身與兩輪部份,在兩輪的左、右各裝有一個DC直流馬達,帶動兩輪移動車。兩輪移動車之控制架構包括由單晶片82g516為控制核心、TLP250光耦合器和H-bridge組成之馬達驅動電路、由三軸加速度計組成之電路測得角度類比信號以及馬達編碼器上之脈波信號所組成之感測電路。 本論文包含模擬和實驗。模擬方面包含:模糊控制器、LQR控制器和PID控制器之三種控制方法來模擬兩輪移動車之平衡控制器;實驗方面包含:PID控制器定速控制實驗、PID控制器的左右兩輪同步實驗、模糊控制器平衡實驗來驗證所製作兩輪移動車之性能。
This thesis is to research and produce a two-wheeled mobile robot. There are two parts of the robot, two left, right, each equipped with a DC motor to drive the car of two mobile robot. The architecture for the control is composed of single chip 82g516 for the core controller, optical coupler TLP250, H-bridge motor driver circuit, three-axis accelerometer (to measure the angle on the analog signal) and the motor encoder pulse signal for the sensing circuit. This thesis contains the simulation and experiment. Contains the simulation aspects: fuzzy controller, LQR controller and PID controller, three control methods to simulate the balance of the two mobile robot controller. Experiments contain: PID controller constant speed control experiment, the PID controller about two wheel synchronization experiment and the fuzzy controller balanced experiment to verify that produced the performance of the two-wheeled mobile robot.
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