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Title: 多機器人足球賽取勝策略設計之模擬研究
Simulation Study of Winning Strategies for Multi-Robot Soccer Game
Authors: 莊謙本
Chien-Pen Chuang
Szu-Yu Chen
Keywords: 多機器人
Robot Soccer Game
Winning Strategies
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 近年來機器人發展迅速,在各方面也已經有很多成功的例子,機器人的發展趨勢也從單一機器人(Single-robot)演變成多機器人(Multi-robot),相較於單一機器人的獨立作業,多機器人具有相互合作的團隊能力以及通訊的功能,而機器人足球賽就是多機器人應用的例子之一。 本論文使用FIRA機器人足球賽軟體Robot Soccer v1.5a 模擬器將足球機器人模擬實現,探討多機器人在足球賽裡的策略應用,主要目的是在五對五的比賽中,對FIRA足球機器人做取勝策略設計,並以程式模擬實現,以及使用避障機制和應用代克思托演算法(Dijkstra’s algorithm)做最佳路徑規劃,經模擬實驗後,證實所提出之策略可以增加進球效率,並能有效達到目標。
In the recent years, the development of robots boosts rapidly, and there are many successful examples. The trend of the robots also evolves from Single-robot into Multi-robot. Compared with single-robot’s independent operations, the multi-robot functions with a capacity of mutual cooperation and communication. The robot soccer is a good example among it. In this paper, the robot soccer game software, FIRA Robot Soccer v1.5a, is used to simulate the robots in order to investigate the strategy that robots applied in the games. The main purpose of this study is to design a strategy for FIRA soccer robots in the 5 on 5 games, and implement the winning strategies in simulation action. The obstacle avoidance and Dijkstra’s algorithm are used for the optimal path planning. After the experiments, the strategy is confirmed to increase the rates of scoring and achieve the goals effectively.
Other Identifiers: GN0698750047
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