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Title: 基於情緒識別技術評估不同型態多媒體教材之學習情緒及成效研究
The Effects of Various Multimedia Materials to Learning Emotion and Performance based on Emotion Recognition Technology
Authors: 洪欽銘
Chin-Ming Hong
Chih-Ming Chen
Hui-Ping Wang
Keywords: 學習情緒
Learning Emotion
Learning Performance
Multimedia Learning Materials
Emotion Recognition
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 靜態文字及圖片之教材為傳統教學上最常使用之教材,教師透過教學及測驗,觀察學習者的學習反應及成效。隨著時代的進步,教學不再僅限於傳統教學上,甚至不再需要教師在旁指導,即可透過電腦資訊進行學習,透過動態教學,學習更多的知識,但往往學習者在大量資訊的學習過程中,無法快速吸收、組織,因此不斷的有許多模式組合之多媒體教材,透過不同的多媒體教材,藉以組織學生的知識學習。近年來,最常使用之教材以影片型最常做為輔助教材;動畫互動型教材也開始蓬勃發展,許多廠商皆推出互動式學習光碟,讓學習者可以自行進行學習,因此本研究針對這三種最常使用之教材進行學習情緒檢測及學習成效之探究。 本研究透過HeartMath公司開發之emWave情緒壓力檢測儀,來探測學習者在學習不同的多媒體教材的情緒變化,並針對不同組合之多媒體教材進行學習情緒之檢測。可望透過情緒壓力檢測儀,並探討學習者在使用不同型態之多媒體教材時的學習情緒與學習成效關係。研究結果發現,不同型態多媒體教材所引發之學習成效及學習情緒皆有顯著差異,而學習情緒與學習成效上,以影片型呈現低度相關,可透過負面情緒及前測成績聯合預測後測。
Recent studies have argued that affective state (i.e., considering a learner’s emotional state) should be considered as important factors in instructional design. However, relatively little empirical research on learners’ emotions and their effect on learning performance is available that could guide the design of learning materials. With gradual adoption of multimedia technologies on the curriculum designs in modern education, there are increasing needs for in-depth studies thoroughly exploring how different presentation types of multimedia materials affecting learner’s emotion and their learning performance. Recently, the technological advancement on recognizing emotional variances based on human physiological signals, reliable emotion monitoring instrument has been successfully developed for measuring and recording human emotion changes in practical uses. This study employed the emWave, which is a stress detector of emotional state developed by the Institute of HeartMath, to measure changes of learners’ emotional states when they were distributed different presentation types of multimedia materials with same learning content. By analyzing the collected emotional data and assessment on learning performance, this study attempts to explore how different presentation types of multimedia learning materials affecting learner’s learning emotion; ultimately, their learning performance. The experimental result shows that different presentation types of multimedia materials will significantly affect their learning performance and learning emotion. Moreover, there is certain extent correlation between learning emotion and learning performance.
Other Identifiers: GN0697750014
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