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Title: 具閱讀導覽地圖之合作式閱讀標註系統對於提升文章結構理解的影響研究
Effects of collaborative reading annotation system with reading navigation map on enhancing text structure comprehension
Authors: 陳志銘
Keywords: 數位閱讀
Digital Reading
Collaborative Reading Annotation System
Reading Navigation Map
Text Structure Comprehension
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract:   隨著數位閱讀的興起,近年來用於輔助數位閱讀的合作式閱讀標註系統已成為研究的焦點。但是過去的研究指出,學習者在進行數位閱讀時,時常難以掌握閱讀數位文本的文章結構。此外,在利用合作式閱讀標註系統進行線上閱讀學習時,由閱讀者進行合作閱讀標註產生之複雜且分散的閱讀標註,會讓閱讀數位文本上的閱讀資訊變得更為複雜,也更難以掌握。因此,本研究針對輔助數位閱讀的合作式閱讀標註系統設計閱讀導覽地圖,以幫助學習者掌握閱讀數位文本的文章結構及各類別標註在文章中各章節的分布位置與數量,以提升學習者的文章結構理解成效,幫助學習者掌握整篇文章閱讀標註的狀況,進而希望提升學習者的閱讀理解成效與降低認知負荷。本研究以桃園縣石門國小五年級三個班級合計73名學生為研究對象,將其以班級為單位隨機分派為實驗組一、實驗組二與控制組,實驗組一採用具閱讀導覽地圖功能之合作式閱讀標註系統,搭配全階段合作閱讀標註輔以學習者進行線上閱讀學習;實驗組二採用具閱讀導覽地圖功能之合作式閱讀標註系統,搭配二階段個人閱讀及合作閱讀標註輔以學習者進行線上閱讀學習;控制組採用不具閱讀導覽地圖功能之合作式閱讀標註系統,搭配全階段合作閱讀標註輔以學習者進行線上閱讀學習。結果顯示採用具閱讀導覽地圖功能之合作式閱讀標註系統,搭配全階段合作閱讀標註輔以學習者進行線上閱讀學習,可以有效降低男性學習者的認知負荷。而採用具閱讀導覽地圖功能之合作式閱讀標註系統,搭配二階段個人閱讀及合作閱讀輔以學習者進行線上閱讀學習,可有效提升學習者的文章結構理解,特別是對於提升女性學習者的文章結構理解成效,顯著優於男性學習者;而對於提升場地相依學習者的文章結構理解成效,則顯著優於場地獨立學習者。
As digital reading is becoming more and more important in the digital age, many studies pay attention on developing collaborative reading annotation systems to assist digital reading for promoting reading comprehension performance. However, learners easily, generate cognitive load when they navigate a large amount of generated annotations and frequently suffer difficulties in understanding the text structure while reading digital texts with the support of the collaborative reading annotation system. To promote the text structure comprehension and reduce cognitive load while performing digital reading activity with the support of the collaborative reading annotation system, this study develops a reading navigation map on a collaborative reading annotation system for helping learners to understand text structure easily and knowing the positions and the amount of different types of annotations. Seventy-three Grade 5 students were recruited from three classes of an elementary school in Taoyuan County, Taiwan to participate in the instruction experiment and three classes were randomly assigned to experimental group 1, experimental group 2, and control group. The experimental group 1 and experimental group 2 used the collaborative reading annotation system with reading navigation map and the control group used the collaborative reading annotation system without the reading navigation map. During the instruction experiment, the learners of experimental group 1 and control group could fully access their own private annotations and peers’ annotations, while the experimental group 2 performed a two-stage reading activity that could only access their own private annotations in the first stage and could fully access their own private annotations and peers’ annotations in the second stage. Analytical results show that, the use of reading navigation map with fully access of collaborative reading function could reduce the cognitive load of male learners. And the use of reading navigation map with two steps of reading activity could enhance text structure comprehension, especially for the female learners and the field dependent learners.
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