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Title: 以資訊系統成功模式探討電資群大學生對行動化資訊英語字彙測評系統接受度之研究
The Study on Electrical Engineering College Students’ Acceptable Level toward Mobile Information English Vocabulary Assessment System Rely on Information Systems Success Model
Authors: 戴建耘
Keywords: 資訊系統成功模式
Information Systems Success Model
Computerized Examination
Mobile Learning
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 資訊科技的快速發展,學習方式越來越多元;智慧型手機的普及下,學習可以突破時空限制,達成無所不在的學習。本研究先製作「行動化資訊英語字彙測評系統」,再以問卷調查法探討電資群相關科系大學生的專業英語能力及對測評系統的接受程度。本研究以資訊系統成功模式為理論基礎,所發展的「行動化資訊英語字彙測評系統接受度量表」由「系統品質」、「資訊品質」、「服務品質」、「使用者滿意」及「使用意願」構面所組成。本研究採用立意取樣以問卷調查法,針對電資群相關科系大學生為研究對象,以描述性統計、差異性分析及迴歸分析等統計分析方法進行探討。本研究結果發現:電資群相關科系大學生在「行動化資訊英語字彙測評系統」之「系統品質」、「資訊品質」及「服務品質」程度對於「使用者滿意」有正向預測力,進而「使用者滿意」對於「使用意願」有正向預測力。本研究依研究結果做成結論與建議,供相關研究者與後續研究做為參考。
The progressive of information technology makes learning more diversity. Due to the popularity of smart phones, learning has overcome the time – space boundary to the omnipresent learning. Firstly, the “mobile English vocabulary assessment system” were developed, along with the questionnaire to measure electricity related college students’ professional English ability and system acceptable level. This research utilize “Information System Successful Model” as theory, and constructed by“ system quality”, “information quality”, "service quality” ,“user satisfaction” and “ usage intention”. The research used purposive sampling as sampling method and questionnaire as research method, descriptive analysis, analysis of variance and regression analysis were used for statistical process. The research finding as following: “ system quality” , “information quality” and “service quality” can predict “user satisfaction” ; furthermore “user satisfaction” can predict “ usage intention”. The analysis results of this study can provide supporting information for further study
Other Identifiers: GN060175020H
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