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Title: 對科學的態度
Other Titles: Attitudes Toward Science: We Need to Pay More Attention on
Authors: 蘇懿生
Issue Date: Dec-1998
Publisher: 臺灣師範大學科學教育中心
National Taiwan Normal University Science Education Center
Abstract: 與科學有關的態度有許多種類,但在國內常被混為一談。筆者首先從社會心理學的觀點分析態度的組成,並參考國外文獻將有關科學的態度區分為「科學的態度」(scientific attitudes)、「對科學的態度」(attitudes toward science)兩大類。前者偏向認知,後者偏向情意;前者指的是像科學家一樣的思考,如客觀、虛心等;後者則範圍較廣,有時包含前者,但通常二者分開討論;前者常常是我們對於學生的一種期盼,甚至被認為是學習科學的基本條件,而後者則經常是促成學生去學習科學的重要契機,因此與學習成就的相關性較大。國外有關態度的研究以「對科學的態度」為主流,評量工具的種類繁多,研究方向大多向下求其與學習成就間的的關係,或向上求其影響因子。而國內目前的研究則侷限於「科學的態度」,而「對科學的態度」之研究及評量工具相當缺乏,有待科教界學者的關注。
There are different approaches to the science-related attitudes. When reviewing researches on this topic here, we find that the terms are confused. After analyzing the components of attitudes according to socio-psychological viewpoint, and reviewing the researches on this area, we find there are two terms need to be seperated: one is “scientific attitudes”, the other is “attitudes toward science”. The former is more cognitive, the latter is more affective. “Scientific attitudes" refer to the ways of thinking like those of scientists, such as objectivity, open-minded. “Attitudes toward science”is much broader term, which may sometime include the former. Most researches abroad are related to the topic of “attitudes toward science”, and there are many instruments developed to measure it and try to find the relationships to achievement and related factors. However, most of the researchers here emphasize “scientific attitudes”. Maybe we should pay more attention to the “attitudes toward science” and the related instruments here.
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