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Title: Facebook使用行為:角色間衝突與知覺識別確證對使用者行為之影響
Facebook Behavior: The Influence of Interrole Conflict and Perceived Identity Verification on Users’ Proactive Usage Behavior
Authors: 王仕茹
Shih-Ju Wang
Hsien-Tung Tsai
Keywords: 臉書
interrole conflict
perceived identity verification
proactive usage behavior
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 本研究的目的是為了瞭解臉書(Facebook)使用者的使用行為。我們整合了角色衝突理論與知覺識別確證的概念,提出一理論模型,試圖了解使用者積極使用行為背後的人際流程。本研究認為Facebook中朋友的異質性、親屬數量,以及權力會正向影響臉書上的角色衝突;同時我們也認為能促進虛擬共存、持續標籤、自我呈現,以及深層剖析的社群工具能夠正向影響使用者的知覺識別確證。本研究蒐集了434份網路問卷證實了此模型,並於最後提出學理與管理上的意涵,以及未來研究方向。
The purpose of this research is to gain understanding of user’s behavior on Facebook. We integrate the concept of Role Conflict and Perceived Identity Verification to conduct a model for investigating the process behind people’s proactive usage behavior. This study holds that the diversity, number of kin, and power will influence user’s interrole conflict on Facebook. We also argue that the features facilitating virtual copresence, persistent labeling, self-presentation and deep profiling will influence user’s perceived identity verification. Data collected from 434 Facebook members provide support for the proposed model. The implications for theory and practice and future research are discussed.
Other Identifiers: GN060155011O
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