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Title: 台灣美妝品牌之數位行銷策略探討-以萊雅集團為例
The Study of the Digital Marketing Strategy of Cosmetic Products in Taiwan- A Case of L’Oreal
Authors: 蕭中強博士
Chung-Chiang Hsiao
Keywords: 萊雅
resource- base theory
core competence
digital marketing
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 在競爭激烈的美妝產業裡,萊雅集團持續為產業中龍頭,是什麼競爭優勢讓萊雅集團持續龍頭姿態?本篇研究欲探討萊雅集團的核心競爭力,以資源基礎理論為基礎,透過蒐集與整理二手資料,歸納出其核心競爭力為其對併購品牌的整合能力,認為其整合過程包含1.有智慧的併購,選擇與集團現有品牌個性互補之品牌2.透過自身研發能力提升該品牌產品品質及其品牌價值3.重新給予該品牌新個性及定位4.品牌在地化。此外,自2011年開始,萊雅集團開始其數位年,透過數位行銷,萊雅成功滲透更廣的消費族群,而台灣萊雅更是運用自身優勢,有計畫性地拿下全球萊雅「最佳公關獎」,且在美妝產業其他競爭者普遍成長遲緩的狀況下,該年度的業績成長為大環境的3倍。因此本文欲探討台灣萊雅具有那些優勢,可以一舉打敗其他競爭者。此外,由於其他競爭者亦相繼進入數位行銷市場,本文期望歸納出萊雅本身的獨特性與數位行銷的連結,以延伸其數位行銷對萊雅的價值提升, 使萊雅可以保持其在數位行銷中的優勢。
In such keen competitive cosmetic industry, L’Oreal keeps being the leader of the field. This study would like to investigate what is the advantage competitiveness help L’Oreal maintain the superiority? With the resource-based theory as the foundation, and through the second-hand information collection and organization, we generalized the core competence of L’Oreal is the ability of integrating the acquisition brand. Which including: 1. Wisely acquisition: choose the brand that has its own specialty and the brand personality is complement to the exist brands. 2. Raise the Brand Value with the R&D technology of L’Oreal 3. Reset the brand’s position. 4.Glocalisation Besides,L’Oreal has start the digital year in 2011, which means L’Oreal would systematize and fully utilize the digital marketing. Through the digital marketing, L’Oreal successfully permeates broader market. Taiwan L’Oreal especially well took advantage of itself dominance and got the “Best Digital Marketing Prize.” Moreover, under the situation that cosmetic industry was slowing up the growth rate, Taiwan L’Oreal ‘s growthrate was three times to other competitors. So the study would also discuss what the competence of Taiwan L’Oreal, which can help it to fight other players; and try to find the connection between the specialty of Taiwan L’Oreal and digital marketing, which can help L’Oreal to extend the value rising through digital marketing and ensure the competence in digital marketing even when other competitors get into the digital marketing war.
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