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Title: 雙重正向促發物對消費者產品態度轉變之影響
The Change of Consumer Attitude under the Impact of the Context Effect by Positives Primes
Authors: 蕭中強
Hsiao, Chung-Chiang
Yang, Tzu-Hsien
Keywords: 促發效果
Priming Effect
Assimilation Effect
Contrast Effect
Dimensional Range Overlap Model
Reciprocity Hypothesis
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 此篇論文主要在探討雙重正向促發物對消費者產品態度轉變之影響。根據促發效果(Higgins, Bargh,& Chaires, 1985)一理論,消費者對於目標物之印象會受到促發物之影響而改變,換句話說,消費者在選購商品時,會受到周邊訊息所影響,進一步影響後續的消費行為,然而現實生活中,消費者受到的周邊訊息並不止一個,而是可能同時受到許多周邊訊息影響。因此本篇論文設計三個以餐廳為主的廣告,並將其中之一選定為目標物廣告,其餘則稱之為促發物廣告,透過讓消費者閱讀不同數量的廣告,以觀個別促發物對目標物之間的促發效果加總是否會等於多重促發物與目標物所產生的促發效果。 本次實驗分成二個階段,在前側部分,將會提供六個餐廳品牌給受測者評估,並選擇合適之目標物及促發物廣告。接下來於主實驗階段時,我們將受測者分為七個群組,分別會評估目標物、促發物一、促發物二、促發物一與促發物二、促發物一與目標物、促發物二與目標物、兩個促發物與目標物之廣告。實驗結果為部分成立,我們認為原因可能為正向促發物一與促發物二之間的同化效果並沒有顯著到能使目標物之解釋範圍與促發物之間無重疊,導致最終實驗仍有改善空間,因此未來研究將可針對此一狀況進行修改,以使實驗結果更符合預期。
The dissertation is mainly about the change of consumer attitude under the impact of the context effect by positive primes. According to priming effect (Higgins, Bargh,& Chaires, 1985), consumers’ purchase decisions would be effected by irrelevant elements. This research would use one target advertisement and two context ads to figure out if the sum of priming effect by each context ad will equal to the priming effect by two context ads. Tis experiment would be divided into two stages. In the pretest stage, we would find out suitable commercials to be the target and contexts. In the main experiment, the participants would be divided into seven groups which need to answer different questionnaires. However, most the experiment results are partially valid. The reason might be that the assimilation effect between positive primes is not effective enough to let target commercials be away from primes. Therefore, modifying the problems may be required in the future research.
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