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Title: Facebook品牌粉絲專頁之互動對黏著度、忠誠度的影響
The Impact of Interactivity on Stickiness and Brand Loyalty on Facebook Brand Fans Page
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Hsu, Jen-Hsuan
Keywords: Facebook 品牌社群
Facebook brand community
brand loyalty
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 近年來隨著Facebook社群網站的興起,以及註冊會員數量的快速增加,許多品牌、公司皆企圖透過虛擬社群與其消費者產生連結並且維持長久的關係,過去研究發現在電子零售網站中,互動對於黏著度有正向的影響,但是,對於經營者而言,卻缺乏具體的作法。本研究將品牌社群互動細分為四種類型,探討在不同互動模式對於黏著度的影響,並且探究黏著度與品牌忠誠度之關係。 本研究以Facebook品牌粉絲專頁作為施測場域,透過網路問卷,並委託市調公司進行問卷收集,取得350份有效樣本。結果顯示,娛樂性內容互動、人際互動能提升黏著度,相反地,資訊性內容互動則無效,另外,發現黏著度為互動影響品牌忠誠度的中間變數,最後,管理意涵及研究建議於末章討論。
With the rise of Facebook and the increasing number of members in the recent year, brands and companies attempt to connect with their consumers through virtual community and maintain long-term relationship. Previous research indicate stickiness can be positively influenced by interactivity in e-tailing site. However, there is no specific practice for the mangers and operators in virtual brand community. Thus, the research classifies the interactivity into four types. The purpose is to explore the impact of different types of interactivity on stickiness and the relationship between stickiness and brand loyalty. The research field is Facebook brand fans page. The questionnaire is built through online survey system and is collected by market research company. There are 350 valid questionnaires are obtained in total. The result suggests that stickiness is entertainment content interactivity and interpersonal interactivity affect the stickiness significantly. Conversely, stickiness is not influenced by informative content interactivity. Furthermore, brand loyalty can be positively influenced by interactivity through stickiness as a mediator variable. Implications for managers and further research are discussed at the end of chapter.
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