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Title: 延伸解釋範圍重疊模型:正負向促發效果影響消費者態度評價之研究
An Extension Study of Dimensional Range Overlap Model:How Positive and Negative Primes Influence the Evaluation of Consumers' Attitude judgment.
Authors: 蕭中強
Hsiao, Chung-Chiang
Chang, Yueh-Ting
Keywords: 促發效果
Context effect
Dimensional Range Overlap model
Assimilation effect
Contrast effect
Reciprocity Hypothesis
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 過去已有許多的研究及實驗指出,消費者在購買商品時的決策常常受到與商品本質無相關的其他因素影響,而這樣的促發效果在其處理資訊的能力不夠時,便會影響消費者的對產品的評價和判斷。在本研究中,我將根據解釋範圍重疊模型(Chien et al., 2010)和正負促發效果如何影響消費者品牌形象(蘇怡如, 2016)來進行研究之延伸,並且以Hsiao(2002)提出的相互假設理論(Reciprocity Hypothesis)來說明,促發物和目標物之間的雙向互動關係,探討正負促發物出現時與目標物三者之間互相影響之效果。本研究在實驗流程改為利用廣告來做為目標物及促發物的呈現方式,來瞭解受測者對於目標物評價的改變。我們以重疊範圍當作操弄檢測及最適代表值間的距離和促發物、目標物在實驗前與後的移動當作驗證假設,發現實驗一沒有成立,實驗三成立,實驗二與實驗四部份成立。 透過研究的分析,我們推測造成部分不顯著的原因可能在於受測者評價的基準產生改變,還有其他因素如:受測者專注度、廣告的呈現……等問題,都可能會造成實驗上的誤差。未來的研究則可以再次針對問卷的流程進行改善,讓受測者在每一次進行衡量時的思考方式更一致,讓實驗的進行可以更精確。
There have been many studies and experiments in the past shows that consumers’ decision will be influenced by other factors when they purchase products. When consumers don’t have enough ability to process information, the context effect will influence their judgements of purchasing products. This study is based on Dimensional Range Overlap Model (Chien et al., 2010) and Reciprocity Hypothesis (Hsiao, 2002). In these study, it shows that the context effect is not only occurred between target and primes, it may also occur between primes. In order to be closer to reality, we use two primes (positive and negative) at the same time to discuss the context effect. This is an extension study of Positive and Negative Priming Effects: How Priming Affects Customer’s Brand Image (Su, Yi-Ju, 2016). In this study, we use advertisement to represent context instead of brand logo. Although the experiments in the study have not been totally consistent with the hypotheses, we still find some possible and important factors that cause the inconsistent. The reason including the change of participants’ evaluation standard and the decrease of their concentration.
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