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Title: 正負促發效果如何影響消費者品牌形象
Positive and Negative Priming Effects: How Priming Affects Customer’s Brand Image
Authors: 蕭中強
Hsiao, Chung-Chiang,
Su, Yi-Ju
Keywords: 促發物
Dimensional Range Overlap Model
Reciprocity Hypothesis
Priming Effect
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 市面上商品銷售的過程中,剛推出或即將推出但尚未被大眾所熟知的品牌及商品,要怎麼讓消費者注意到並做出購買行為是非常關鍵的點,這是因為大眾還未對這樣的品牌產生過多的連結、品牌知識更甚至於刻板印象,可塑性較高。研究中以虛擬餐廳品牌「Forest Aurant」,作為本研究實驗中的目標物,探討的現象來自於現實活中人們購買商品的決策是由不同的外來因素影響所組成,其中有部分影響因素並沒有讓受測者察覺,若能不經意地操弄這些因素使人們認為自己是在理性的情況下選擇購買商品,將能使該商品或品牌更容易讓我們從記憶中提取並且使用。(Higgins, Rholes,& Jonees,1977;Srull & Wyer,1979) 本研究主要探討兩個促發物與目標物間三者互相影響的效果,為解釋範圍重疊模型 (Dimensional Range Overlap Model) 的擴充,雖然實驗的結果並沒有成功,但過程中發現在問卷的設計上廣告與品牌標誌影響效果不同,評價標準的廣度、給予受測者的清單和問題都是影響受測者評價的關鍵所在。 在生活中消費者每次在決定是否購買商品的當下,都會有相似的現象發生,商家若能讓自家的品牌標誌或給予受測者的廣告時盡可能排除這些外在因素,就能使其所要操弄的效果更為顯著。而未來相關的研究建議盡可能地使受測者在每次填寫問卷時的情境相同,將整體問卷設計得更直觀,使受測者在每次評價問卷時的思考方式更一致,才能凸顯由實驗所產生的促發效果。
During the process of product sales, goods that have just launched but not known by the public or are about to launch yet have an essential point on how to get the attention of consumers and further purchase the product. It is because that people did not have any stereotypes about the brand of goods. In this study, we set the virtual restaurant brand, "Forest Aurant", as the target in the questionnaire, we found that people buy the product because of many kinds of reason. The process of priming occurs constantly and results in an influenced decision, with or with the consumer’s awareness; the presence of consciousness simply determines the type of priming effect to be obtained. (Higgins, Rholes,& Jonees,1977;Srull & Wyer,1979) The purpose of the research is to investigate the priming effect between two context and target. Also, it is the further research of Dimensional Range Overlap Model. Although the experiments in the study have not been consistent with the hypotheses, we still found some important factors that cause the inconsistent. The effects of advertisement and logo, the standard of evaluation, the list and question in the questionnaire are also the key factors of the subject's evaluation. All these factors may happen in our life. If business could make their own logo or advertisement excluded by these external factors, they would affect consumer behavior. For the future research, in order to highlight the priming effect, we suggest that it could set the scenario as simple as possible so that the subjects were more consistent with their evaluation on the questionnaire.
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