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Title: Facebook使用與幸福感之關係:個人和社會途徑的影響
Facebook Users’ Well-being: Influence of Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Factors
Authors: 王仕茹
Wang, Shih-Ju
Chung, Ya-Ting
Keywords: Facebook
Social networking site
Perceived social support
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 近幾年幸福感在學術界是熱門的議題,最早開啟網路幸福感論戰是來自Kraut等人(1998)的研究,他們指出網路的使用與憂鬱、孤獨和壓力有關。後來Schiffrin等人(2010)將此幸福感議題移至目前最多人使用的社群平台―Facebook―縮小了研究範圍且專注於特定網路平台,引發研究Facebook幸福感的一股風氣。由於先前研究各自所持的觀點不同,至今Facebook的使用是否能為人們帶來幸福感仍未有一致的定論。而本篇研究據Facebook帶來幸福感之立場進行討論,探討Facebook幸福感的來源,嘗試以「社會―個人」為研究主軸,將社會幸福感和心理幸福感納入模型,檢驗在Facebook中如何透過社會途徑和個人途徑達到社會幸福感和心理幸福感,並進而影響Facebook用戶的網站黏著度。 本研究以Facebook為研究範圍,進行網路問卷調查,取得528份有效樣本。研究結果顯示,Facebook的社會連結和自我揭露意圖,分別正向影響社會幸福感和心理幸福感,其中的社會途徑是以感知社會支持為中介變數,個人途徑是以自我價值為中介變數。此外,研究結果發現社會幸福感會增加黏著度,但心理幸福感則無此效果。管理意涵與未來研究建議於末章論述。
Internet use and well-being is a popular issue in recent years. The first related study sparking a debate was by Kraut et al. (1998), and they pointed out that that Internet use is positively correlated with depression, loneliness, and stress. Later on, Schiffrin et al. (2010) took this well-being issue to the currently most widely used social networking site, Facebook, narrowing down the research scope and focusing on a specific website. Then, it triggered a trend of studying the well-being on Facebook. Because of the different views held by previous studies, it had a dispute whether Facebook can bring people well-being. The focus of this study is to explore how Facebook bring well-being, that is, how Facebook bring social well-being and psychological well-being via "Interpersonal and Intrapersonal" approaches. Moreover, the study tests the effect of different well-beings on the stickiness of Facebook users. This research field is Facebook. And it surveyed on network questionnaires to collect data. A total of 325 valid questionnaires are obtained. The results suggest that social well-being can be positively influenced by social connection through perceived social support as a mediator variable. Also, psychological well-being can be positively influenced by self-disclosure through self-worth as a mediator variable. Furthermore, social well-being rather than psychological well-being affects Facebook stickiness significantly. Implications for managers and future research directions are discussed at the end of the chapter.
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