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Title: 臺北市空氣品質與天氣概況影響公共自行車租借行為之探討
The Relationships between Air Quality, Weather Conditions and Rental Activities of Public Bicycle-Sharing System in Taipei City
Authors: 王聖鐸
Wang, Sen-Do
Li, Chun-Yi
Keywords: 公共自行車
Public Bicycle-Sharing System
Particulate Matter
Weather Conditions
Regression Analysis
Issue Date: 2019
Abstract: 公共自行車系統已於臺北市實施將近 10 年的時間,隨著租借站的建置逐漸完整,儼然成為公共運輸系統的其中一環。由於公共自行車使用者騎乘路線絕大部分為戶外環境,此外臺灣常年於冬季與春季好發高濃度之懸浮微粒事件,空氣中的懸浮微粒容易進入人體之呼吸道與血管內,可能導致身體不適或提高心血管疾病之風險。另外臺灣近年來出現極端天氣的頻率逐漸增加,空氣品質和天氣概況是否對於公共自行車的使用行為造成影響?本研究利用皮爾森相關係數、迴歸分析方法進行資料分析,探討 2016 年 11 月至 2017 年 10 月臺北市公共自行車租借行為與天氣、空氣品質之間的關係。研究結果顯示天氣相關變數中降雨對於租借率為顯著負相關;氣溫、風速以及懸浮微粒濃度對於租借率無顯著影響力。
Public Bicycle-Sharing System (PBS) has been developed for a decade in Taipei City. As the construction of the rental station has gradually become complete, it has become one of the public transport systems in Taipei City. Since the usage of PBS in outdoor environments, not only that, Taiwan has a high concentration of particulate matters (PM) in winter and spring. The particulate matters in the air easily enter the respiratory tract and blood vessels of the human body, which may cause physical discomfort or increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, the frequency of extreme weather in Taiwan has gradually increased in recent years. Does air quality and weather profile have an impact on the use of public bicycles? The study used Pearson Correlation Coefficient and Regression Analysis method to analyze the relationship between PBS rental behavior and weather and air quality from November, 2016 to October, 2017 in Taipei City. The results show that rainfall in the weather-related variables is significantly negatively correlated with the rental rate of PBS; temperature, wind speed and aerosol concentration have no significant effect.
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