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Title: 傳薪與薈萃: 陳和平的台語歌謠創作
Passing down and highlight:Research on He-ping Chen’s Taiwanese Song Creations
Authors: 李勤岸
khinhuann LI
LI-shhan Tien
Keywords: 陳和平
Chen Heping
salary mass
key figures
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 陳和平是台語歌壇跨時代的關鍵人物;用音樂表達對台灣本土人物的感恩,傳承台灣人誠樸、堅貞兼具信仰與守的精神。 陳和平從小跟著母親站在廟埕看傳統戲曲或歌唱,深受母親愛看戲的影響。從此台語歌獨特典雅的藝術滲入心中,從投稿報社關心台語藝人、台語歌發展,又受到葉俊麟、周添旺、林禮涵、楊三郎、黃俊雄等台語歌創作人啟發,擔任唱片宣傳、創作歌曲,萌發台灣藝術的音樂故事。1970年代,台語流行歌曲重新受到注意,1980年代以後,隨著台灣社會力的多元層次,本土文化重新歌樂生命。他的音樂除了豐富多元,總是堅持初衷的喜愛與熱情。 本文試從傳薪文化看陳和平的台語歌詞創作,透過比喻或象徵性修辭之書寫作為探討台灣老唱片的風情故事。 1970年台語歌謠創作精神為何?本文旨在從傳薪到創新探討陳和平台語歌謠創作,從陳和平發展的脈絡,戰後到現在的時代意義作為研究目的;經由採集、整理、深入訪談、文本分析,藉此表達陳和平不忘母親語言的摯愛,用平和的力量融合復古與創新,在台灣傳統藝術的經典與雋永,展現本土藝曲上的重要性。
He-ping Chen is the key figure in Taiwanese popular music; he is crossing from this age to the next one. He shows his great appreciation to Taiwanese local people with music and he has inherited the quality of plainness, faithfulness and belief in persistence of Taiwanese people. At an early age, He-ping Chen had been standing at the temple court to watch the traditional operas and singing with his mother. His mother’s deep love for operas has great influence on him. From then on, the special elegance of art has grown in the heart of people little by little. He has shown great concern about Taiwanese singers and the development of Taiwanese songs by writing to the newspaper offices. Inspired by Jun-lin Ye, Tien-wang Chou, Li-han lin,San-lang Yang, Chun-hsiung Huang and other creators of Taiwanese songs, he has been a record propagandist and has written many songs. It is he who begins the music stories of Taiwanese art. In 1970’s, Taiwanese pop songs got the attention again. After 1980’s, with the multiple levels of Taiwanese society, the native cultures extoll life again. His music style is not only abundant but also adherent to the purpose of love and passion. From the cultural passing down, this article is intended to look at He-ping Chen’s Taiwanese song-creations. Through metaphous or symbolic figures of writing, we explore the elegant, romantic stories of Taiwanese old records. What was the creative spirit of Taiwanese songs in 1970? The main purpose of this article is to investigate He-pingChen’s Taiwanese creations from tradition to innovation. From the development courses, we made a lot of researches from past days to the present. Through collections, arrangements, in-depth interviews, textbook analyses, He-ping Chen has never forgot to express his passion for the mother tongues. With peaceful power, he combines the revival with the creativity. In the traditional classics and eternity, he has won an important place in the field of Taiwanese songs.
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