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Title: 台灣外籍看護的語言、文化現象-以台語家庭印尼看護為例
Language and Cultural Phenomenon of Foreign Caregivers — Taking Indonesian Caregivers in Taiwanese Speaking Family for Example
Authors: 李勤岸
Keywords: 文化衝擊
Culture shock
foreign caregiver
language barriers
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 台灣逐漸面臨老年化社會,社區照護人力不足的情況下,引進外籍看護人力,協助照顧社區老人、失能及身心障礙者。這些外籍看護人員,學習到簡單的看護技巧和簡單的華語,到台灣被「台語家庭」所雇用,長期擔任看護工作。首當其衝所面臨的困境,就是語言溝通的問題,她們聽不懂病人的訴求,與病人、被看護者家屬共處,面臨跨文化的衝擊,無法以台語表達,與雇主家庭衝突不斷。 本篇論文深度訪談醫護人員、人力仲介公司、病人與外籍看護等,透過其親身描述做質性研究,得到以下結論︰ 壹、台語教材缺乏,不足以協助外籍看護工,面對職場環境的調適。 貳、外籍看護主動學習台語的態度,有助於其縮短跨文化適應。 參、被看護家屬的語言現象,影響外籍看護學習語言。 肆、族群語文教育資源分配不均。 伍、「護理台語」的照顧語料資源,需要建檔與彙整。
Taiwan is facing the aging of society gradually. In the shortage of community care service manpower, Import foreign caregivers to take care of the elderly, disability and disabilities is necessary. Those foreign caregivers, hired by Taiwanese speaking family, are only taught simple caring techniques and can speak basic Chinese. The very first predicament they faced is communication problem which is due to language barriers. They can’t understand the patients’ demands. And the culture shock between the patients’ family and them creates the continuous conflict. This thesis has held several interviews with health care workers, Foreign Labor Brokers; patients and foreign caregivers. And do qualitative research through the interviews and come up with the following conclusions: 1. Lacking of Taiwanese version for Caring terms. The foreign caregivers don’t have sufficient resources to learn language. 2. Foreign caregivers learning Taiwanese actively can shorten the cross-cultural adaptation process. 3. The effectiveness of foreign caregivers’ language learning is related to the family’s language phenomenon. 4. Unequal distribution of resources by public sector. The linguistic rights of the Taiwanese population are being ignored. The society and the public sector should value the linguistic rights of the Taiwanese population especially to the elder. 5. Learning Taiwanese helps foreign caregivers. Caring terms need for filing and compiled.
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