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Title: 中年女性教師子女教養行為研究-母職與教職之經驗滲透與反思
A Study on Parenting for Middle-Aged Female Teachers~The Experiences Permeation and Reflection of Motherhood and Teaching
Authors: 陳雪雲
Chen Hsueh-yun
Wu Yi-hui
Keywords: 中年女教師
Middle-aged female teacher
Issue Date: 2008
Abstract: 本研究欲探討中年女教師教職與母職角色在教養子女行為時的滲透與反思,瞭解中年女教師子女教養行為裡教職與母職角色重疊下、其相互滲透與流動的情形。因此,本研究之主要目的旨在探究女教師中年生命階段在工作與家庭上的任務,進而分析教職與母職角色夾雜下的親子互動意涵與教養衝突的自我反思情況與因應之道。藉此研究呈現中年女教師的教養歷程、教養經驗、衝擊及其自我反思歷程。研究問題為:一、探究中年女教師子女教養問題及其教養方式為何?如何運用家庭與社會支持系統?二、分析中年女教師在子女教養過程中,教職與母職經驗如何相互滲透? 三、分析中年女教師如何反思其子女教養經驗及其影響因素為何? 四、比較中年女教師子女教養方式及反思類型之異同。 研究取向以質性研究深度訪談為主要研究方法,根據研究題意以立意抽樣選取兩位北部中年女教師為研究對象。資料分析採生命史深度詮釋與紮根理論譯碼概念交互分析、歸納中年女教師與子女教養間之完整關係以形成最終的架構與理論。 根據本研究結論歸納出中年女教師教職與母職經驗滲透有四種共同的現象:一、社會對教師的期待滲透母職角色。二、母職與教職均具移情、回應等關懷特性。三、回歸家庭母職角色突顯,教職退位。四、中年女性在關係中擴展有限的自主性。 最後根據本研究之發現與結論,提供建議給中年女教師在面臨教養困境時得以獲得協助管道,主動積極反思、調適自我與周遭的關係,進而改進教養策略,積極樂觀的面對困境、達到自我成長、終身學習的終極目的,更進一步提供未來後續研究之參考。
The purpose of the study is to explore the permeation of the motherhood and teaching and reflection of middle-aged female teachers on parenting, understand how to inter-permeate and mobile under the overlapping between the motherhood and teaching on children cultivation. Therefore, the study aims to explore middle-aged female teachers whose tasks of their jobs and families on the stage of midlife and analyze the meaning of interaction on parenting, the self-reflection and the coping strategies when female teachers with double roles of motherhood and teaching face the conflict of parenting. Four main questions of the study are as follows: (1) What are the problems and parental ways for middle-aged female teachers on parenting? How to apply family and social support system? (2) Analyzing how the mutual permeation of teaching and motherhood is when middle-aged female teachers are on parenting. (3) Analyzing the middle-aged female teachers how to reflect, and what the affect factors for the parental experiences are. (4) Comparing the parental ways of middle-aged female teachers and differences of reflection. Qualitative research that includes in-depth interview is chosen as the main study method. A purposive sample of two middle-aged female teachers who teach in northern school are selected and deploy the in-depth interviews is used here according to the thesis. All data results will be analyzed by in-depth interpretation of life history and the coding concepts of grounded theory and resulted in forming the frame and final theory by inducing the complete relationship between a middle-aged female teacher and children’s cultivation. Based on the results, some conclusions and findings could be obtained as follows: (1) Female teachers feel they have been over-expected while rearing children. (2) Empathy, sympathy, concern and response are the same characteristics on motherhood and teaching. (3) The obtrusive role of motherhood when returning home without the role of teaching. (4) A middle-aged female teacher enlarges her limited independence in connecting herself and others’ relationship. According to above conclusions and findings, provide proper suggestions for middle-aged female teachers who face parenting dilemma to instruct them how to obtain strategies, have active and positive reflection and self-adjustment to improve parental ways and strategies in dealing with parenting dilemma and these suggestions listed above are as the references for the follow-up researches.
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