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Title: 社會企業內部人才培育之研究
A Study on the Internal Human Cultivation of Social Enterprise
Authors: 鄭勝分
Cheng, Sheng-Fen
Lin, Wan-Chien
Keywords: 社會企業
Social enterprise
Human Cultivation
IPO model
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: 80年代後期在歐美各國為解決非營利組織的財源困境與社會問題而興起一種新型態的組織-社會企業,其組織型態介於企業與非營利組織兩者之間且兼具社會目標與經濟目標,在歐美各國社會企業相關議題已被廣泛探討,而台灣處於發展初期,研究方向多聚焦在探討社會企業定義、經營模式運作等議題,卻少有人才培育相關文獻,加上人才培育對於組織發展之重要性,因此引發本研究之動機,本研究目的在了解台灣社會企業內部人才培育的方式與問題以及初步成效,以資未來社會企業進行人才培育的參考依據。 本研究係以質性研究的方法,採用深度訪談法的方式進行資料蒐集,訪談的對象包含四個國內具代表性的社會企業單位、兩個中介平台組織以及一個政府單位,依據Bushnell(1990)所提出「投入、過程、產出」教育訓練系統模式,針對七個訪談對象進行深度訪談,再依據文獻與訪談資料進行分析、整理出結論。 研究結果發現,社會企業人才應具備社會面與經濟面之綜合面能力,而人才培育方式亦根據社會企業本身的組織使命與目標對象等不同因素,發展出不同內涵的教育訓練方式。綜觀社會企業、中介平台組織與政府單位的培育方式,大致形式上可分成在職訓練以及工作外訓練,內容包含課程講授、實地操作、參訪等方式,培訓內容具備多元化,但在培訓檢核與評估階段還需多加強,以建立較具系統性的人才培育機制。
In the late 1980s, a new type of organization which is called Social Enterprise emerged from the intention to solve social problems and financial difficulties of non-profit organizations in Europe and the United States. While related issues about Social Enterprise have been widely discussed in the western world, Taiwan, however, is still in the early stage of this field in which so many researches focus on subjects of definitions and business models that papers about personnel training are barely seen. Due to the high importance but low quantity of literature about talent nurturing, the purpose of this research is to investigate internal personnel training methods of Taiwan industries and their preliminary results, and to be referred to by future Social Enterprises. This study uses the qualitative research method, consulting four domestic representative Social Enterprises, two non-profit organizations and a government unit. We have interviewed seven teams, analyzed and made conclusions based on "inputs, processes, outputs" model which is proposed by Bushnell (1990). The results show that those who are talented in the Social Enterprise shall be outstanding on both social and economic sides. Personnel training methods shall be different according to missions or goals of the organizations and the target objects of Social Enterprises. These methods of Social Enterprises, non-profit organizations and the government, can be divided into on-job training and off-Job training which include lectures, field operations and institution visits.
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