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Title: 行旅者生命跨界之旅-以高行健及其《靈山》為例
The lif journey of boundary crossing: take Gao Xingjian and his Soul Mountain for example
Authors: 李明芬
Li, Ming-Fen
Ke, Ruei-Ying
Keywords: 行旅
heroic adventure
U theory
Soul Mountain
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究目的旨在探討行旅者的生命跨界歷程,瞭解行旅者如何從旅行到行旅的深度體驗中開展生命的探詢。本研究主要採取文本分析法,並透過Joseph Campbell英雄旅程和Otto Scharmer U型理論的詮釋和運用,以高行健的生命經驗及其長篇小說《靈山》作為主要研究文本,從中耙梳行旅者的生命跨界歷程。本研究發現高行健的生命冒險與蛻變乃是植基於為追求自由所歷經的重重試煉,並於受到政治壓迫和罹癌危機時聽見內在的生命召喚,進而展開沈潛的生命轉化之旅,乃至於後來贏得精神自由和榮獲諾貝爾文學獎的外在籌賞。其次,本研究發現《靈山》的生命跨界歷程展現在人稱「我」於自然和人文之旅的體驗和觀察以及人稱「你」於精神對話之旅的逐步覺察和覺悟。本研究結論指出高行健生命歷程的整體乃是由自覺利己到自覺利他的實踐過程,其於逆境下的重重轉化與跨界乃生命翻轉的關鍵,最後提出生命行旅乃是因緣流轉中的迴覆體悟。
Traveling has been a popular leisure activity at the present time. However, whether the traveler can advance the ability of self-illuminating and self-discovering depends on his inner journey of transcending. Traveling literature which presents the inner journey of traveler’s narratives and dialogue with oneself is worthy of exploration. This thesis is primarily concerned with exploring the process of self-transcending of a traveler and traveling literature. The methodology comprised textual analysisand converged two different modes of life transformation Campbell’s stages of heroic adventure and Otto Scharmer’ s levels of U theory. From the perspectives of self-transcending, this thesis, in addition to offering an analysis of Gao Xingjian ‘s life adventure and his works with Joseph Campbell’s stages of heroic adventure and archetypes of heroes, is meanwhile to interpret Soul Mountain with Otto Scharmer’s levels of U theory. Ultimately, this thesis try to integrate the results of interpretation of Gao Xingjian ‘s life adventure and Soul Mountain into a new model.
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