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Title: 從性別意識的探索到主體意識的實踐: 軍職女性的生命轉化之旅
From the exploration of gender consciousness to the practice of subject consciousness The Life Transforming Journey of Military Women
Authors: 李明芬
Li, Ming-Fen
Keywords: 性別意識
Gender Consciousness
Military Women
Perspective Transformation
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 近20年來,隨著女性在軍隊中所能挑戰的職務日益多元,這以往由男性主導的陽剛環境也因著女性的加入呈現劇烈的變化,而在女人從客體邁向主體的過程中,性別意識是支撐著女性軍人多重角色間整合與轉化的關鍵。本研究即以詮釋現象學作為方法論哲學基礎,藉由詮釋的對話與意義建構的過程,釐清性別意識在女性軍人生命中演化的歷程與影響,其研究終極的關懷目的為: 一、女性能透過經驗敘說整理生命歷程,在多重角色的轉換中創造自我培力的力量及觀點轉化後的正面能量。 二、檢視軍隊在女性軍人性別意識發展過程中的影響面向,讓性別意識是個體生命歷程中的重要體現,也能在軍隊組織中形成討論並成為公共議題。 於是,我以三位已婚且身為母職的中、高階女性軍人為研究對象,藉著經驗敘說的過程整理生命歷程。研究中發現,三位女性軍人小玉、貞子、妹仔,生命中雖各有其獨立的主軸脈絡,但也曾交疊著相同的困頓和領悟,性別意識在生命中呈現出一種多元以及動態的歷程,通常是從對自己更深一層的認識與覺知開始,包括對生活事件或壓迫經驗的反省,但面對生命中多重角色的矛盾與兩難情境,女性軍人卻在掙脫新舊觀念衝突的角力困境時,也學習著轉化及適應,更能透過行動用包容及接納的態度,與生命中的所有角色交流與對話,巧妙的轉化了女性主義長期以性別意識控訴壓迫時所表現出的攻擊性和憤怒情緒,也讓自己在敘說的過程中重新看到並認同女性主體性的美好。 最後,我看到女性軍人以更為包容與彈性的態度,經歷了「發問、反思、自己找到答案」的歷程,其中觀點的轉化,延伸到生活各個層面的蛻變和成長;而性別意識在解構了既存的性別現象後,更創造出屬於女性主體意識的多元詮釋。我期待,性別意識不僅是個體生命歷程中的重要體現,也是一份所有女性軍人在不同生命階段時,皆可閱讀的生命文本,更希望性別意識能跳脫家庭的私領域,成為軍隊組織中的公共議題。
Abstract Women can challenge more various positions in army for the latest 20 years, and this masculine environment also changes drastically because of women. Gender consciousness is the key factor which supports the process of integration and transformation among the multi characters of female soldiers. It happens during the process of transformation of female role, which is from objective role to subjective one. This research is going to clarify the transformation process and its impact of gender consciousness during the evolution in female soldier’s life. It will use Phenomenological Hermeneutic as the basis of Methodology of Philosophy to develop hermeneutical dialogues and meanings. The final purpose of the study is: 1. Women can reorganize their life processes through experiences narrating and create strength of self-empowerment and positive energy of perspective transformation during the multi-character transformation. 2. Examine the impacted aspects of army from the gender consciousness development process of female soldiers. Gender consciousness will become the important reflection of individual life experience, it can also become the discussion topic and public issue in military organization. Therefore, I choose three intermediate and senior female soldiers as objects of my study. They are all married mothers, and their names are Jade, Sadako, and Sisis. They reorganize life processes from narrating their experiences. In the research, I found that they all have their own main story lines, but they also have same trouble and epiphany. Gender consciousness is a reflection of various and moving process. It usually starts from deeper self-acknowledgement and awareness, containing introspection about life events and suppressing experiences. When female soldiers face the contradictions and dilemma between multi-characters in their lives, it is not only about struggles because of the conflicts between the concepts’ gaps, they actually learn to transform and adapt with the environment. Moreover, they can talk and communicate with all the characters in life with catholic and accepting attitude. Thus, Feminism’s aggressivity and anger for a long time because of accused gender conscious oppression can be skillfully changed. They can also find and agree with female subjectivity during the story-telling process. Last, I want to say that what I see in my research is female soldiers go through the process of asking, reflecting, and finding the own answer with more catholic and flexible attitude. Perspective transformations exist in every life aspects, to make changes and growth. Gender consciousness will create various explanations of female subjective consciousness after destructing the existing gender phenomenon. I hope that gender consciousness can not only be the important reflection of individual life process, but also be the life story book which every female soldier can read no matter what life stage she is in. Moreover, I hope that gender consciousness can become the public issue in military organization instead of being the issue which only exists in families.
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