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Title: 高齡服務創新之個案研究—芬蘭、台灣及澳門經驗之分析及對澳門高齡服務機構之啟示
The study of Elderly Service Innovation --- Analysis of Finland and Taiwan and its Application for Macau
Authors: 李明芬
Li, Ming-Fen
Ao, Mam-In
Keywords: 高齡服務
Elderly Services
Innovative Services
Active Aging
Non-profit Organizations
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 澳門是一個中西文化交融的城市。當地長者比例於1981年已達7.7%,步入老齡化社會,面對高齡人口逐年攀升,澳門政府雖然提出了「家庭照顧、原居安老」的初步發展方針,但積極老化、樂齡的觀念尚未有普及,為回應高齡社會所帶來的機會與挑戰,高齡服務創新成為澳門長者機構的重視之課題。 本研究期望透過拜訪台灣及芬蘭的創新優質高齡服務單位,採多重個案研究方法,以深度訪談分析台灣以及芬蘭的組織,瞭解高齡服務創新之實際做法及經驗,以國際的創新經驗作為澳門非營利組織的借鏡與參考。芬蘭政府由上而下推動高齡服務及台灣民間由下而上發起服務,兩者與澳門早期葡國政府服務由民間發起及回歸後由特區政府推動的發展具相似之處。此外,亦鑑於澳門明愛近年推動社會企業以及現時營利與非營利組織的多樣性發展,本研究在研究個案選擇中亦考量此發展與多樣性的因素。 本研究討論芬蘭、台灣四個個案給澳門明愛的啟示:1.建立更多不同世代之間的互動;2.應提供身心靈全方位的照顧服務;3.運用及早介入的預防照護;4.應提供服務員完整的職業生涯規劃。而在服務創新方面,組織在不同的經營型態下服務創新的關鍵因素會有所差異,以下八項都是服務創新方案有效運作的因素:1.積極參與國際交流2.把握社會趨勢的變遷3.政府提供的服務不足4.對服務對象需求的了解5.連結各界社會資源6.組織決策者的支持7.組織領導者的創新思維8.組織氣氛交互作用的影響力。
Macau is a blend of Chinese and Western cities. Local elders proportion reached 7.7% in 1981, entering the aging society. Facing the increase of elderly population, the Macao government put forward the initial development policy of "family care and home care". The idea of active aging has not yet been popularized. In order to respond to the challenges and opportunities of an aging society. Macao elderly service organizations would need to learn more lessons from other countries. The researcher conducted a series of site visit of the prestigious elderly service organizations in Taiwan and Finland. It is expected that more innovative elderly services could be synthesized through the case study of 5 organizations across Finland, Taiwan and Macau. While the Finnish government promoted the elderly services ‘top down’, the Taiwan nongovernmental sector launched the elderly services ‘bottom up’, both of which are equally important to the developments of Macau. Because during the Portuguese government period, Macau's elderly services were launch by the nongovernmental sector. However, since her return to China, the elderly services have been promoted by The Government of the Macau Special Administrative Region. This study also took into account the many features of Macau society while selecting the cases for study. This study highlight the revelation of the four cases in Finland and Taiwan for Caritas Macau: To establish more interaction between different generations; to provide physical and mental care; the use early preventive care; and to provide caregivers with complete career planning. In terms of service innovation, the critical factors include eight dimensions: actively participate in international exchanges, grasping the changes in social trends, adequate services to be provided by the government, knowing the needs of the service object, linking the social resources in different sector, support from the administrators, innovative thinking of the leaders, influence of the organizational atmosphere.
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