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Title: 上海公益創投發展策略之研究
A Study on Development of Venture Philanthropy in Shanghai
Authors: 鄭勝分
Wang, Chia-Lin
Keywords: 公益創投
Venture Philanthropy
Sociology of Organization
grounded theory
Issue Date: 2018
Abstract: 1970年代起,兼具社會與經濟雙重目標的社會企業(social enterprise)逐漸受到各地政府重視,世界各國的政府期待能以社會企業,解決市場、政府、第三部門的政策與資源乾涸的問題,以及尋找能夠解決就業率、社會貧窮,及經濟結構變化下產生的問題。 為了避免社會企業發展的過程中,過度依賴政府補助政策,並且顧及政府自身的財政狀況,具有市場運作精神的公益創投(venture philanthropy, VP)則成了重要的推手(OECD net FWD, 2015; 鄭勝分、劉育欣,2012)。 上海公益創投從2011年來由上海民政局出資購買,委託協力廠商單位扶持公益領域的創新專案。本研究透過組織社會學之治理、控制、政策的三個面向觀點,訪談上海當地民政局、研究學者、公益創投方(承接政府公益創投之協力廠商)、社會組織方(投遞項目獲取公益創投資金方),並以紮根理論之研究方法,探究上海公益創投發展策略、梳理其發展脈絡,經由相互分析與比較之後,歸納出結論與建議。
Because social enterprise includes both the social and economic goal, the government overall the word focus on its development. They want social enterprise could solve the low resource problems of government market and the third part. They expect social enterprise could be a solution of employment rate, poor and economic structure. Avoid the develop process of social enterprise too lie the government subsidy and care of the government financial situation, have a market spirit of venture philanthropy became the important role. The venture philanthropy in Shanghai government support the funds to the-third unit to purchase new project in public welfare from 2011. This study views the venture philanthropy in Shanghai with social organizing and interview with professor, government, the-third unit and social enterprise to collect the information. Then, use the grounded theory to explore the development strategies of Venture Philanthropy in Shanghai and make the conclusion and suggestion.
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