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Title: 探究臺灣社會創業青年之利他實踐:一群社會衝浪客的冒險故事
Investigating the fulfillment of altruism by the Taiwan Youth Social Entrepreneurs—The stories of a group of Social Surfers
Authors: 李明芬
Li, Ming-Fen
Hsieh, Hui-Hsiung
Keywords: 社會創業
Social entrepreneurship
The social entrepreneurial spirit
Similar Noble Eightfold Path
The practice of altruism
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 回顧社會創業之國內外文獻,多數研究探討社會創業者的人格特質、社會網絡關係、社會資本的理論,與機會辨識來進行詮釋,較少提及社會創業者進行創業過程中的利他性。然在諸如此類的創業議題研究中多以西方理論來做推論結果,沒有考慮到東方文化與利他的人格特性,所以在研究臺灣社會創業者之創業歷程無法全觀地描述,造成學術缺口。本研究以上尚文化有限公司與格外有意思作為臺灣青年社會創業的代表個案,採取質性研究中的個案研究,輔以深度訪談與參與觀察來呈現社會創業者的利他精神與個人信念之實踐,透過相似八正道來形塑出獨特的組織文化,結合創新的概念開發機會,創造社會價值並解決社會問題。   本研究在理論貢獻提出,社會創業家應該與外部環境進行社會交換的過程中,持續關注社會性的問題與辨識創業機會,發展社會創業團隊的運作機制與獨有的組織文化,透過共享之社會創業網絡來實現共善的普世社會價值,並在實務貢獻方面提出社會創業家在利他實踐的過程中之實質建議。
Recalling the social entrepreneurship documents from domestic and foreign, most studies explore the social entrepreneur's personality traits, social networks, Social Capital Theory, and Opportunity Identification to interpret. The altruism in the progress of starting a business is less mentioned.However,most of the scholars infer the conclusion from western theory in such entrepreneurship issues,without taking the oriental cultures and altruistic personality into account.Consequently,the studies about social entrepreneurs in Taiwan are not holistic,which results in the academic gap.This research take Sun-sun Culture Co.and Project Off-Grades as the representative cases of Taiwan youth social entrepreneurship, using case study from qualitative research method and supplemented by in-depth interviews and participant observation to render the practice of altruism and personal beliefs of social entrepreneurs, to shape the unique organizational culture through similar Noble Eightfold Path, and combined with the of innovative concept development opportunities to create social value and solve social problems.   In this study, the theoretical contributions propose that social entrepreneurs should continually pay attention to the social problems and identify the opportunities for entrepreneurship during the process of social exchange with the external environment, developing the operating mechanism and the unique organizational culture of social entrepreneurial team, achieving common good of the universal social values through sharing social entrepreneurial networks, and bring up the practical recommendations from social entrepreneurs when practicing altruism for substantive contribution aspect.
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