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Title: 環境導向社會企業發展策略之研究
A Study of Development Strategies of Environment Oriented Social Enterprise
Authors: 鄭勝分
Cheng, Sheng-Fen
Tsai, Ying-Yi
Keywords: 社會企業
social enterprise
triple bottom line
sustainable development
environment orientation
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 21世紀以來,全球經濟衰退以及環境變化,造成失業與環境惡化問題,促使各國政府與企業發展綠色經濟以解決發展困境。藉由環境導向建構三重底線之社會企業,強調融合經濟與社會雙重底線內涵,並兼顧環境需求,致力於創造更廣泛的社會 、經濟與環境影響力,透過其發展策略改善社會與環境問題。其中,三重底線之第三重底線以環境為主者,在臺灣仍屬萌芽階段,相關研究與實證分析資料較為缺乏,故本研究藉由探究環境導向社會企業的主要發展類型與其發展策略,期能提供未來相關研究、政策面與相關組織實務操作之參考。 本研究係採質性研究法,選取七個國內具代表性社會企業單位,進行深度訪談資料蒐集,依據社會企業三重底線內涵以及Schlange(2007)所提出之環境導向社會企業發展概念,針對研究對象之發展策略進行深入探討與分析。 研究結果顯示,環境導向社會企業發展類型以對土地友善、對人友善以及混合性質為當前發展核心,其發展策略兼具經濟、社會與環境面向,經濟面強調推動綠色消費架構與建立資訊透明銷售平台;社會面則以落實產銷共好機制以及創造在地就業機會為核心策略,環境面則透過貫徹環境永續與推動環境教育為主。環境導向社會企業透過創新產銷機制,推動倫理消費模式。惟當前發展缺乏影響力數據評估機制,以及整合性輔導機制,為未來從事環境導向社會企業經營者所需加強之策略。
Ever since the 21th century, global economic decline and environmental changes cause problems of unemployment and environmental deterioration; therefore urge governments and enterprises all over the world to develop green economy to solve developmental difficulties. The approaches are constructing social enterprises based on triple bottom line, emphasizing on merging the meaning of economic and social double bottomline, fulfilling environmental needs to create stronger social, economic and environmental influences and improve social and environmental issues through developmental strategies. The third bottom line among the triple bottom line is about environment, and it is still a newly emerging ideal in Taiwan which lacks of related studies and empirical analysis information. This study explores the main developmental models of environment oriented social enterprises and their developmental strategies to provide reference information for related studies and practice in organizations in the future. This study based on qualitative research method and chooses seven representative social enterprises in Taiwan to collect information through depth interviews. Basing on the triple bottom line of social enterprise and the concept of environment oriented social enterprise initiated by Schlange(2007), this study makes depth discussion and analysis of study objects’ development strategies. The study shows that the core ideals of environment oriented enterprises are eco-and people friendly and comprehensive spirits. Their developmental strategies cover economic, social and environmental perspectives. In economic perspective, they emphasize promoting green consumerism and establishing a selling platform of information transparency. In social perspectives, the core developmental strategy is generating a three-win situation for all producers, dealers and consumers and creating local employment. In environmental perspective, they encourage citizen participation in creating sustainable environment and environmental education to increase the possibility of environment sustainability. Environment-orientated social enterprises connect producer and consumer by building the ethical consuming mode through constructing a transparent and direct production and marketing system. However, the current development lacks of effective data estimation system and comprehensive assisting system the two problems are strategies that needed to be improved by executive of environment oriented social enterprise in the future to make the whole society understand the effect and potential of social enterprise more.
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