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Title: 女性創業歷程及成人教育輔佐機制研究──青輔會飛雁專案的個案 研究
Authors: 羊憶蓉
Liu Yi Hui
Keywords: 飛雁專案
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 論文提要: 政府為提振創業產業市場機能、整合人力資源,先於1966年成立「行政院青年輔導委員會」。再於2000年,推動新經濟時代婦女創業輔導計畫, 2002年更將婦女創業輔導相關專案擴大彙整,命名為「飛雁專案」,針對不同背景、不同階段的創業女性,協助女性跨出創業第一步 本研究以青輔會「飛雁專案」學員為研究對象,藉由深度訪談及參與觀察,探討女性創業者的創業歷程,以及成人教育所能給予的協助。獲致以下結論: 壹. 研究結果分析方面: 一. 女性創業者的角色:性別角色劃分,使女性不易在事業與家庭中取得平衡。 二. 女性在創業歷程中的轉變:針對個案如何克服限制,及其內心歷程改變進行說明。 三. 對青輔會及SOHO協會的具體建議:針對服務內容、講師陣容、網路商城經營者提出建議。 四. 女性創業者所需之協助:資金;心理支持、情緒抒發、經驗分享的場域;具體的教育訓練三方面。 貳.結論與建議方面: 一.創業者自我投資的決心 二.應重視中高齡失業及再就業(創業)輔導問題 三.創業過程中觀望者不易成功
Abstract Inorder to provided the public service that the citizens need,and to make better use of the youth resourcethat the country possesses,the government established the National Youth Commission of the Executive Yuan in1966.Again in 2000,it promoted the women’s entrepreneur’s plan of the economical age era, and in 2002 the inclusion of the related women’s entrepreneur’s , which was named “The Flying Wild-goose Plan” , inorder to pinpoint the women’s difference of the background , level to help them promote the first step. This research on “The Flying Wild-goose Plan” relied on the interview and observation to understand that the steps of the women entrepreneurs assistance of business and the help adult education can provide , and reach the follwing conclusions: 1.The Research Conclusion and Analysis: (1)The role of women entrepreneurs : the separation of the women’s role lets them hard gain the balance between their career and families. (2) The alterative steps of women entrepreneurs : to the individual , to help them conquer the restriction and the explanation of the internal change. (3)The practical suggestions of NYC and SOHO association : to pinpoint the meaning of the service , the teachers’ , and the related suggestion of the web owners. (4)The needed assistance of women entrepreneurs : the three dimensions of the capital ; mental help , emotional help, the mutal share of experience; and the practical educational-training. 2.The Conclusion and Suggestion: (1)The women entrepreneur’sdetermination of self-investment. (2)To pat attention to the senior’s job-losing and assistant re-estatement. (3)The hesitant can hardly be a success in the career.
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