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Title: 個人層面和社區環境與個人犯罪被害恐懼感之研究
Study for Effects of Individual and Community Factors on Fear Crime
Authors: 董旭英
Yuk-Ying Tung
Shu Jiuan Chen
Keywords: 犯罪被害恐懼感
Fear crime
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 中文摘要 本研究以個人層面因素和社區環境層面因素探討與個人犯罪被害恐懼感之關係,其中個人層面因素包含性別、教育程度、直接被害經驗、間接被害經驗等變項;社區環境層面因素包含社區整合、不文明符號、監督系統、硬體設備等變項。研究目的為:(1)探討個人犯罪被害恐懼感之狀況。(2)了解個人層面因素與個人犯罪被害恐懼感的關係。(3)了解社區環境層面因素與個人犯罪被害恐懼感的關係。研究結果發現:女性、直接被害經驗愈多、間接被害經驗愈多、社區整合愈高、社區不文明符號愈明顯、監督系統愈差則其被害恐懼感愈高;而個人教育程度及社區硬體設備與被害恐懼感並沒有關聯性。最後,本研究根據結果提出供未來研究者的一些具體建議。
Abstract This study was to understand the relationship between individual and community factors and fear crime. The dimension of individual factors included gender, education, and direct and indirect experiences of victimization. On the other hand, the dimension of community factors contained community integration, deviant sub-cultural symbols, monitoring systems, and community equipments. The purposes of the research were: (1) to describe the level of individual fear crime; (2) to find out effects of individual factors on fear crime; (3) to recognize influences of community factors on fear crime. The results of the study indicated that gender, direct and indirect experiences of victimization, community integration, deviant sub-cultural symbols, and monitoring system played an important role in the explanation of fear crime. However, individual education and community equipment were not related to fear crime. According to the findings, the study also mentioned some suggestions to researchers in the future study.
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