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Title: 公主獨睡雙人床──「五年級」未婚女性婚姻觀與生涯發展探討
The Princesses Who Sleep Alone──A Study of the Marital Outlooks and Career Development of Unmarried Females born in the 60s
Authors: 林如萍
Chang, Huey-wen
Keywords: 未婚女性
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 本研究目的在探討五年級世代未婚女性的婚姻觀及婚姻觀的發展歷程,並且試圖了解五年級世代未婚女性的生涯發展概況。本研究採敘說研究法進行。 根據訪談與分析的結果,研究結論摘要如下: 一、對於受訪者而言,婚姻並不是必然的選擇,未婚女性的生涯也可以精采豐富。她們並不會完全排斥婚姻,但也不會為婚姻犧牲自己的生涯發展。 二、受訪者理想的婚姻角色是平等互惠的,她們認為:女性即使步入婚姻後也毋須改變或犧牲個人生涯安排。 三、受訪者大多對於目前的生活感到滿意或習慣,對於未來的生活也傾向維持現狀,不會因為急於結婚而降低自己的擇偶標準。她們的生涯發展漸臻成熟,擇偶態度也日趨理性。 最後,依據研究發現,分別針對未婚女性的教育、社會大眾的教育、未婚者的福利制度三方面提出建議。
The purpose of this study was to explore the attitudes and viewpoints that women born in the 60s (1961 to 1970) have about marriage and the development and progress of these attitudes and viewpoints. Besides, the study aimed to investigate the career development of these unmarried females. The study method of the thesis was narrative research. According to the outcome of the interviews and the results of the analysis, the research summarized the following conclusions: 1.As far as these interviewees are concerned, marriage is not necessarily their ultimate choice. Unmarried females lead very colorful lives as well. They are not completely opposed to the idea of getting married; however, they would not sacrifice their own career development for marriage. 2.These interviewees hold the belief that ideal marriage is based on equality and reciprocity. They think that there is no need for them to alter or disturb their personal plans after they get married. 3.Most interviewees feel satisfied at, and are accustomed to, their present lives. They tend to maintain their current way of life. Their criteria for choosing the ideal partner would not vary as a result of their growing anticipation for marriage. They are rational and they have positive attitudes when choosing their Mr. Right and they have a good sense of their own career development. At last, based on the above findings, in the last chapter of this thesis some suggestions were made concerning the education of unmarried females, the education of social populace and the social welfare of the unmarried people.
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