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Title: 街友服務導入社會企業政策之研究:以新北市為例
The study of social enterprise policy on homeless services in New Taipei City
Authors: 鄭勝分
Cheng, Sheng-Fen
Li, Hsueh-Li
Keywords: 社會企業
Social enterprise
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 近年來,社會企業與社會創業在各地蔚為風潮,然而社會企業方案涉及各種主題與對象如青年創業、身心障礙、外籍配偶、中高齡就業、更生人、環境問題與街友問題等等,其中與研究者工作有關的是街友的議題,研究者希望街友能夠透過社會企業政策的輔導,自力更生重新站立,不再只是依靠政府的救濟補助來重返社會。在社會企業政策的大架構下,研究者參考歐洲EMES學派理論導入社會企業政策之現況及其作法包含社會層面、經濟層面及治理層面之探討,來評估新北市街友服務導入社會企業政策方案,對街友問題解決之可行性,並藉以做為將來政策規劃之依據,本研究採質化研究理論,採用深度訪談法,針對研究問題透過半結構式題綱,以負責之官員、專家學者、街友組織及街友為研究對象,分析政策的內涵及可行性,故本研究以新北市街友服務導入社會企業方案政策為研究對象,分析政策的內涵,並對政府政策、社會企業組織及街友朋友提出建議以供各縣市政府之參考。
Over the past few years, social enterprises and social entrepreneurship have been sensational all over the globe. However, the schemes of social enterprises involves various social agents such as young entrepreneurs, disabled people, foreign spouses, middle-aged workers, and homeless people. Environmental protection is also an issue that cannotsimply be omitted. That being said, this paper primarily focuses on the study homelessness, and I, as the author of this paper, sincerely hope that those who are frequently seeking shelter can eventually get back on their feet by participating in several programs provided by certain social enterprises instead of heavily relying on the social welfare system.Under the framework of the current social enterprise policies, this research applies the theories of EMES from Europe to the status quo of New Taipei City, and attempts to come up with solutions for certain homeless-related problems. The aforementioned theories deal with issues from social, economic, and/or managerial perspectives. The conclusions could be the general guidelines for future policymaking process. This very paper is essentially qualitative and takes advantage of a number of in-depth interviews with government officials, scholars, experts, and the homeless themselves. Some homeless service agencies are also a part of this study. I firmly believe that many of their feedback could be highly beneficial to other Taiwanese municipalities.
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