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Title: 社會企業家人格特質之研究:以非營利型為例
The study of Personality Traits on Nonprofit Social Entrepreneurs
Authors: 鄭勝分
Cheng, Sheng-Fen
Chen, Se-Fen
Keywords: 社會企業
Social Enterprise
Social Entrepreneurs
Social Entrepreneurship
Social Innovation
Personality Traits
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 中文摘要 二十世紀末經濟全球化的浪潮下,金融風暴、各國財政危機,許多非營利組織師法企業,以非營利組織商業化與社會創新為主要發展途徑,於是社會企業的浮現轉化了非營利組織的經營型態的思維。非營利組織社會企業化的過程中,社會企業家面臨社會與經濟的雙重底線的衝擊與挑戰,具備何種人格特質的社會企業家,可以成功注入社會企業精神,創新組織發展,帶領企業組織創造嶄新的社會價值? 本研究架構從「環境」、「組織」以及「人」三構面,發展出以下三個研究面向:(一)影響社會企業家創業的外部環境因素。(二)影響社會企家創業的內部組織因素。(三)社會企業家的人格特質。做為了解非營利型社會企業家的人格特質為何。 研究結果發現,影響非營利組織轉型社會企業的內外部因素,因各個非營利組織背景環境的不同而有所差異,外部環境因素以政策的推動為主要關鍵因素,內部組織影響因素以領導者為主要因素。本研究透過深度訪談與NEtS人性動力學行為問卷為分析工具,彙整社會企業家主要人格特質為資源整合、創新、堅持度,提供未來有志創立社會企業者,認識自我、選擇職涯時的重要參考指標。 關鍵字:社會企業家、社會企業、社會企業精神、人格特質、社會創新
ABSTRACT By the late 20th century after the wave of economic globalization and the financial crisis many countries found themselves in financial turmoil. There was also an emergence of nonprofit organizations and social enterprises that changed their organizational structures by implementing profit seeking organizational patterns and approaches to development. The process of implementing the new structures and approaches in nonprofit organizations was a challenge to the social entrepreneurs facing the impact of social and economic difficulties. What personality traits do social entrepreneurs need to successfully inject the spirit of innovation and commercial development to lead the organization to transform successfully and smoothly from their present architecture to a new commercial enterprise model was at question. Three facets of the nonprofit social entrepreneur need be considered which is the main focus of the research : (A) External factors that influence social entrepreneurship. (B) Internal factors that influence social entrepreneurship. (C) Key personality traits of a social entrepreneur. The results of the study found that the impact of change on nonprofit organizations in transition vary according to internal and external factors. Nonprofit organizations internal working conditions and external relationships with the community and government vary, however, generally external factors decide policy and internal factors affect leadership within the organization. In this study, through in-depth interviews using the NEtS humanity dynamic behavior questionnaire key personality traits of social entrepreneurs include the ability to use resources effectively, the ability to innovate, determination and persistence, vision and goal setting, and self-understanding. The study provides an important, insightful and useful index for persons aspiring to become social entrepreneurs. Keywords: Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurship, Social Innovation, Personality Traits
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