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Title: 成年男性追尋婚姻經驗之敘說研究
A Narrative Research of an adult male’s experience in seeking a wife
Authors: 李佩怡
Pei-Yi Li
Yi-Chun Lin
Keywords: 成年男性
adult male
experience in seeking a wife
narrative research
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究之目的為透過研究參與者生命故事的敘說,理解成年男性追尋婚姻經驗的敘說主題和社會文化脈絡所建構的社會性敘說對成年男性追尋婚姻經驗的影響。研究參與者是一位曾經歷兩段以結婚為考量戀情的31歲成年男性,研究者以半結構式訪談大綱,進行3次共計12小時的生命故事訪談,並輔以其提供之心情札記作為敘說資料來源。研究方法採取敘說研究,並以「整體—內容」分析模式,進行資料分析。研究結果發現: 1.早年原生家庭經驗影響成年男性對於婚姻的憧憬與追尋婚姻經驗的核心主題。 2.與母親關係親密的成年男性,尋求似母親般的婚姻伴侶,並承襲母親的婚姻價值信念與伴侶互動模式。 3.與父親關係矛盾且疏離的成年男性,為避免重複父親的負面路徑,選擇扮演不同於父親的男性角色。 4.模糊的自我界限形成的愛情價值信念,影響成年男性的追尋婚姻的經驗,因此歷經挫折。 5.成年男性對於感情受挫的反省與歸因影響其自我調適,以及是否繼續投入追尋婚姻的歷程。 影響成年男性追尋婚姻經驗之社會文化脈絡之主要論述分別為「男人,你是強者」的期待、「男大當婚、女大當嫁」的期待「男人,你要繁衍子孫與負責家族延續」的期待。而上述三個主要社會敘說對成年男性的追尋婚姻經驗的影響,分為下列三點: 1.成年男性對「男人,你是強者」的社會敘說之認同程度左右其自我認定, 並影響其追尋婚姻歷程的思維與行動。 2.成年男性因面臨「男大當婚、女大當嫁」的社會敘說,而飽受催促結婚的壓力,而需在多方意見中找到自我安在的位置。 3.成年男性承載「男人,你要繁衍子孫與負責家族延續」的期待,致使其面對結婚議題時,必須於家族期許與個人需求間取得平衡。 最後,根據本研究結果與討論,研究者針成年男性追尋婚姻、諮商實務工作者及未來研究提出相關建議。
The purpose of this study is to explore concepts to describe, conceptualize and analyze the narrative subjects of the experiences of an adult male seeking a wife and to realize how the social culture construct affects him. The participant is a 31-year-old adult male who had two love affairs when he took marriage into account. The researcher spent 12 hours (divided into 3 times) giving semi-construct interviews of his life stories, and simultaneously referred to his journals into research. The research is a narrative one, and the data was analyzed through “global-context” model . The results are:(1)the original family experience affects an adult male’s image of marriage and the core subjects of the experience in courting a life partner.(2)the adult male who has inseparable relationship with his mother will prefer a partner who and his mother are much alike, and adopt his mother’s value of marriage and the interaction pattern between her and her partner.(3)the adult male who has conflicting and distant relationship with his father will avoid to follow his father’s same way to play the male role in his life.(4)the values of love constructed by vague boundary of self will affect the adult male’s experiences to make him frustrated while seeking a life partner.(5)the introspection and attribution of an adult male’s frustrate love experience will affect his self-regulation and whether he would court someone else. The global narrative from social culture which affects adult male seeking a life partner are the expectation of “Man, you are a superman”, “A man should get married on coming of age, and so should a girl.”, “Man, you should propagate and be responsible for continuing the family”. As the above mentioned, these three major social narratives affect the adult male’s experiences of seeking a life partner, and they are:(1)the degrees the adult male identify “Man, you are a superman” will affect his self-identification, and the thought and action while he is courting a life partner.(2) the adult male needs to find ways to confront the pressure formed by the social narrative of “A man should get married on coming of age, and so should a girl.”.(3)the adult male should carry the weight of “Man, you should propagate and be responsible for continuing the family”, and he must balance the expectation of his family and the need of himself when he faces the issues of marriage, Finally, according to the results and the discussions, the researcher provides some suggestions for an adult male courting a life partner, for the counselors, and for the future research.
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