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Title: 國小資深女性教師幸福感之質性研究
Qualitative Research on the Well-Being of Elementary Senior Female Teachers
Authors: 田秀蘭博士
Lee Mei Lan
Keywords: 幸福感
source of well-being
factors influencing the well-being
elementary senior female teachers
personality traits
Issue Date: 2007
Abstract: 國小資深女性教師幸福感之質性研究 中文摘要 本研究的主要目的在探討國小資深女性教師的幸福感來源、幸福感的影響因素,以及其人格特質與幸福感之間的關係,採取質性的研究方式,以立意抽樣的方式選擇十位目前任職於台北縣、市,具有十年以上的教學經驗之國小女性教師作為研究參與者進行訪談。訪談過程中所得的資料以紮根理論的方式加以分析、整理,並歸納出下列的研究結果: 一、國小資深女性教師的幸福感來源可分為「個體的動機與需求」及「個體的 態度與價值」兩大類,包括自尊需求、成就感的滿足、掌控自我與實現理 想、健康需求、個人成長、信仰寄託、和諧的人際關係、休閒參與、金錢 的滿足、活得比別人好、對生活的樂天知命、自主性、生活目標、為他人 付出等,共計十四項幸福感來源。 二、影響國小資深女性教師的幸福感之因素可分為個人背景因素、環境因素及 個人心理因素等三個面向,其中以工作年資與教學經驗、社會支持、工作 的穩定性、親師生的互動關係、生活品質與個人空間等五項因素的影響層 面最為廣泛,半數以上的國小資深女性教師的幸福感皆受到這些因素相當 程度的影響。 三、部份影響國小資深女性教師的幸福感之因素很難直接論斷其好壞與否,有 時得視個體如何詮釋與因應;更重要的是,個人若能積極的面對並做好足 夠的心理調適,往往可以將其轉化為正向的影響因素,進而更能提昇自身 的幸福感。 四、本研究結果發現,正向積極且圓融的處事態度、足夠的愛心與耐心、高度 的親和力、對工作充滿熱忱、樂觀的個性與正向思考、觀念開放,關心並 樂於接受新事物以及創意等人格特質與幸福感之間具有正向的關係,因此 個體若能積極培養這些人格特質,不但對其教學成效與師生關係有正向的 助益,更能有效的增進其內心的幸福感受。 本研究最後針對上述的主題與研究發現加以描述和討論,並就主要的研究結果提出多方面的建議。
The purpose of this research is to investigate the source of well-being and the factors influencing the well-being of elementary senior female teachers, as well as the relationship between their personality traits and the well-being. With qualitative research method, purpose sampling was used to select 10 elementary senior female teachers as interviewees, who are currently teaching in Taipei County or Taipei City, with over 10 years of teaching experience. The grounded theory was used to analyze and organize the data obtained from the interviews, and results are induced as below: 1. The source for the well-being of elementary senior female teachers were categorized into “individual’s motivation and needs” and “individual’s attitude and value”, which include the 14 detailed sources of well-being : esteem needs, satisfaction with achievement, self-control and accomplishment of the ambition, health needs, personal growth, spiritual sustenance, harmonious interpersonal relationship, participation in leisure activities, financial satisfaction, living better than others, be contented with life, voluntariness, life goals, and devotion for other. 2. The factors influencing the well-being of elementary senior female teachers were divided into their background, environment of theirs, and their personal psychology factor. And the five most common factors are: Career length and teaching experience, social support, job stability, interaction with students and parents, quality of life and personal space were the five most common factors which affected the well-being of half of the elementary senior female teachers. 3. It’s hard to directly judge whether some of the factors influencing the well-being of the elementary senior female teachers are correct or wrong, and sometimes it depends on the individual’s interpretation and adjustment. What’s more important, if the individual could make active contributions and make good psychological adjustment, then usually these factors could be transformed to positive influencing factors, and to enhance the well-being of themselves. 4. Results from this research shows, the personality traits of positive and rounded attitude, love and patience, friendliness, passion for work, optimistic and positive thinking, open-minded, caring and high acceptance of innovation and creativity, are positively correlated to the well-being. Therefore, if individuals could actively cultivate these personality traits, not only will it benefit teaching performance, but also enhance the internal well-being of themselves. Finally, with regard to the above topic and research findings, further descriptions and discussions were made, and various recommendations were provided.
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