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Title: 工作環境定位系統與Holland職業興趣六角形模式之適配性研究─以臺師大學生為例
The Adaption of Human Resource Knowledge and Holland’s Hexagon, with NTNU Students used as an Example
Authors: 林正昌
Cheng-Chang Lin
Yu-Hao Cheng
Keywords: 工作環境定位系統
Human Resource Knowledge (HRK)
Holland’s Hexagon
Classification and Regression Trees (CART)
Issue Date: 2015
Abstract: 本研究旨在研究工作環境定位系統(Human Resource Knowledge, HRK)與Holland職業興趣六角形模式的適配性。針對國立臺灣師範大學(簡稱臺師大)201位學生為對象,每位學生作答工作環境定位系統所使用的「大專版LOHAS生活型態問卷」與根據Holland職業興趣六角形模式所發展的「大專版生涯興趣量表」,再分析兩者的關係。本研究經文獻探討,以Prediger所提的兩向度模式為聯結,分別以事物─人群(Things-People)以及想法─資料(Ideas-Data),將工作環境定位系統與職業興趣六角形模式分為四個象限以探究其適配性。研究結果顯示,臺師大學生符合職業興趣六角形模式的結構。臺師大學生的特質分佈,在工作環境定位系統與職業興趣六角形模式多分佈在以人與想法為主的第四象限,兩者也以在人群與想法為主的類型A(藝術型)與S(社會型)有較佳的適配性。本研究進一步以分類與迴歸樹(Classification and Regression Trees, CART)分析職業興趣六角形模式在「LOHAS生活型態問卷」中的關鍵題項。類型A的最關鍵題項為「藝術品的鑑賞是否為興趣或嗜好」,其它關鍵題項包含「穿著服飾」、「財富與健康的配置」、「認為父母對子女的教育態度」與「休閒娛樂型態」;類型S的最關鍵題項為「購車考量」,其它關鍵題項包含「穿著服飾」、「對命運的態度」、「認為父母對子女的教育態度」與「休閒娛樂型態」;需視不同回答的交互作用來分類。建議未來研究可增加不同學校、不同類型的學生,以確認工作環境定位系統與職業興趣六角形模式在臺師大以外學生的適配性,提供生涯輔導與企業選才使用工作環境定位系統的參考。
The purpose of this study is to investigate the adaption between Human Resource Knowledge (HRK) and Holland’s Hexagon. There are totol of 201 subjects who are the students in National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) . Each student answers “LOHAS for colleg” based on HRK and “Career Interest Inventory for college” based on Holland’s six type. Then the resercher analyses the relationship between HRK and Holland’s Hexagon. This research uses Prediger’s two dimensions model (Things-People and Ideas-Data) to connect HRK and Holland’s Hexagon, and divid into four quadrants to investigate the adaption. The results showed NTNU student’s structure matched Holland’s Hexagon. Most of NTNU students are distributed in the Fourth quadrants (People and Ideas). HRK and Holland’s Hexagon also have the best adaption in type A (Artistic) and S (Socail). Furthermore, this research uses Classification and Regression Trees (CART) to analysis the key items of Holland’s Hexagon in “LOHAS”. The most important item in type A is “Art appreciation“. The other key items included “Dress“, “The configuration between wealth and health“, “Educational attitude of parents“ and “Leisure and entertainment types“. The most important item in type S is “The consideration of buying cars“. The other key items included “Dress“, “Attitude towards destiny“, “Educational attitude of parents“ and “Leisure and entertainment types“. Results need to depend on the interaction of answers to classify. Based on the finding of the study, it is suggested that future research can increase more college and different types of subjects to confirm the adaption of HRK and Holland’s Hexagon in addition to NTNU students, and to provid the reference of using HRK to career counseling and select person in enterprises.
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