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Title: 國中初任女校長組織社會化之研究:以六位女校長為例
Authors: 潘慧玲
Keywords: 女性領導
female principals
organizational socialization
gender analysis
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 近年來,女性接受高等教育並追求專業發展的情形相當普遍,同時也有越來越多的女性投入行政主管或領導的職位,然在教育行政領域中,對於女性的研究多半採用實證主義觀點去解釋社會現象,使得對於女性領導者的瞭解一直是處於以男性為思考的架構中。由於社會文化的變遷及性別角色刻板化的影響,兩性在成長過程中,經驗了不同的社會化歷程,是故,當女性晉升至以男性為主導的場域時,其所面臨組織社會化及角色調適之歷程有其不同於男性之處。基於此,本研究將焦點置於瞭解國中初任女校長組織社會化之脈絡及歷程;影響她們組織社會化之相關因素;以及在面臨組織社會化時所遭遇之困境及因應策略。 本研究邀請六位國中初任女校長參與,主要藉由訪談的方式,瞭解六位國中初任女校長組織社會化之歷程,最後則根據本研究結果提出對主管教育行政機關、女性領導者及後續研究之相關建議。 根據研究蒐集資料,本研究之結論如下: 1. 組織社會化歷程受到個人與脈絡因素之交織影響。 2. 初任女校長組織社會化歷程有其階段性。 3. 組織脈絡對於初任女校長組織社會化有其影響及限制。 4. 個人因素影響初任女校長組織社會化之歷程。 5. 重要他人對於女校長生涯發展有其決定性。 6. 有效運用正式與非正式組織有助於組織社會化之進行。 7. 女性缺乏認同的角色學習典範。 8. 家庭的支持是影響女性生涯發展的關鍵。
In recent years, it is common that women receive higher education and pursue for their professional development, meanwhile, more and more female educators are engaged in administrational positions or being leaders. In educational administration field, most findings are taken in positivism perspective to explain social phenomenon , it makes female leaders are understood within the limits of men thoughts. However, due to the changes of social culture and the impacts of gender-role stereotype, men and women experienced different the process of socialization during their growth. Therefore, when women are became leaders in the field of men dominanted, they have to face more struggles between the process of organizational socialization and the role of their adaption. Then the research understood the context and the organizational socialization of first-junior high school female principals. And what are the related factors of their organizational socialization? From this standpoint, how they use strategies to overcome. Utilizing the methods of interview , the researcher got through knowledge of six female principals of their organizational socialization. The researcher drew conculsions as follows: 1.The process of organizational socialization of female principals are affected by their background and the context. 2.Female principals have something in common about their organizational socialization. 3. Organizational context have influences and limits on the socializational of female principals. 4.Personal factors affected the process of the organizational socialization of female principals. 5. Significant others have key roles on the career of female principals. 6. It is helpful that effectively using formal and informal organization to solve obstacle when female principals face difficulties. 7. Female principals are lack of the paragon of identification. 6. The support of their family is the key factor which affected the development of female principals’ career.
Other Identifiers: N2003000356
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