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Title: 國中數學專家教師教學專業知識內涵之個案研究
Authors: 單文經
Keywords: 國中數學
Junior high school mathematics
expert teacher
professional teaching knowledge
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: 本研究旨在以教師知識為主題,試圖探討一位國中數學專家教師的教學專 業知識,進入教學現場,觀察其教學實況,訪談其教育理念,並希望藉著研究發 現,讓眾人瞭解與思考數學教學的實際狀況、深刻瞭解個案教師之教學表現;分 析、討論個案教師教學表現背後所展現出的教學專業知識;探討專家教師教學專 業知識之內涵;綜合歸納、說明個案教師教學成功之要素,期能對個案教師教學 有完整的了解,並為一般從事教學之教師,帶來教學靈感與創新教學,也引發教 師教學創新發展的動力。 為達成以上目的,本研究首先搜集國內外相關文獻,深入探討並設計研究 的概念架構,其次依循研究目的與待答問題編擬研究計劃、確立研究個案,採取 詮釋性研究法,研究者以本身為主要的研究工具,進入研究情境之後,研究者利 用參與教學現場觀察、訪談、文件蒐集等方式蒐集資料。研究者在檢核、分析、 歸納與個案教師有關的資料資料以後,除說明其所理解的教學專業知識外,並分 析該個案老師教學表現的成因與教學特質、其教學表現的主要形態,以及其成功 的教學創新動因。 綜合上述研究的結果,研究者提出了對國中數學教師的建議:不斷充實 教學專業知識、以學生為中心的教學模式、不斷反省自己的教學歷程、勇於改變 具終身學習的理念。另外,研究者並且對數學師資培育單位的建議:均衡的培育 教學專業知識、培養教師自我檢視教學知識的能力、完成領域教學的專業培育。 最後,研究者亦對後續研究的重點、方法以及對象等方面,提出建議事項。
The aim of this study is to explore teacher’s knowledge, seeking to discuss the professional teaching knowledge of a junior high school mathematics expert teacher. Getting into on the spot teaching to observe its practical teaching and interview its teaching philosophies. Hoping that through the research findings, all the people could realize and think over the practical mathematics teaching conditions, and have profound understanding of the teacher’s teaching performance of the case study; analyze and discuss the performed professional teaching knowledge underlies the teacher’s teaching performance of the case study; discuss the contents of the expert teacher’s professional teaching knowledge; integrate and generalize and interpret successful factors of the teacher’s teaching of the case study, and hope for a complete understanding of the teacher’s teaching of the case study, furthermore, to bring the teaching inspiration and innovation to teachers in general, and also induce teacher’s power to make teaching innovation development. To achieve above objectives, firstly, the study collects relevant literature from domestic and oversea, goes deep into discussion and designs study concept framework. Secondly, compiles study plan and sets up study case in accordance with study object and questions for reply. By taking interpretive methodology, the researcher makes itself as a principle study tool, and after enter into the study status, the researcher collects data by means of attending at on the spot teaching observation, interview and paper collection. After the researcher exams, analyzes and generalizes the data in connection with the teacher of the case study, in addition to interpret the realized professional teaching knowledge, the researcher also analyzes the factors of the teacher’s teaching performance and teaching specialty, teaching performance and main form, and successful teaching innovation motives. Combine the above study outcomes, the researcher proposed junior high school mathematic teacher with following recommendations: fulfill professional teaching knowledge unceasingly, student centralized teaching mold, introspect teaching progress continuously and has the courage to change and hold the ideal of lifetime learning. Moreover, the researcher also recommends the teacher education institution of mathematics teachers of following: maintain the equilibrium cultivation of professional teaching knowledge, cultivate teacher’s ability to self-exam teaching knowledge and complete professional field teaching cultivation. Finally, the researcher also recommends focus, approach and subject for the future study.
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