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Title: 平衡取向讀寫教學方案對新移民子女國語文補救教學成效之行動研究
An Action Research of Integrating Balanced Approach into A Chinese Remedial Instruction Program for New immigrant Children
Authors: 唐淑華
Ching-Yuan Huang
Keywords: 平衡取向教學
balanced approach instruction
Chinese remedial instruction
new immigrant children
Chinese reading teaching
Chinese writing teaching
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract:   本研究旨在探討平衡取向讀寫教學方案對於新移民子女國語文補救教學的成效,希望能藉此提升新移民子女的讀寫動機、閱讀能力及寫作能力,並彙整研究結果作為未來實施國語文補救教學之相關教育人員及研究者之參考。本研究採行動研究法,以三位新北市某國小三年級新移民學童為研究對象,進行為期十三週的國語文補救教學課程。根據研究者在教學過程前、中、後所蒐集的質性與量化資料,加以分析與討論後,本研究所獲得之初步結論如下: 一、 在讀寫動機方面,學生的讀寫動機皆有增強。在閱讀動機上,閱讀的內在動機與外在動機皆有成長;在寫作動機上,則是寫作的「自我效能」進步最多。但學生的讀寫動機皆尚未延續至其它學習情境之中。 二、 在閱讀能力方面,學生的閱讀理解能力增加,更能掌握過去學過的生字詞。 三、 在寫作能力方面,學生的寫作字數增加,且寫作品質在各教學階段中,呈現穩定成長的趨勢。然而學生在寫作品質的保留效果不盡理想。 四、 學生喜愛與自身經驗、背景相關及具有想像空間的教學主題,但不喜歡過於抽象或探及隱私的教學主題。 五、 學生喜愛具有趣味性並能有效幫助學習的教學活動,不排斥分享自己的故事,也喜愛結合閱讀創作故事。   根據上述研究結果,研究者亦提出相關建議,供未來實施國語文補救教學之相關教職人員與研究人員,作為課程設計、實施及未來研究的參考。
The study attemptd to develop a balanced approach Chinese remedial instruction program for new immigrant children, which promoted their motivation and abilities of reading and writing effectively, and to offer some advice on future practice of remedial instruction program. The method of action research was adopted in this study, and there were three 3th grade students in an elementary school in New Taipei cityinvited as the subjects of a thirteen-week Chinese remedial instruction program. According to both qualitative and quantitative data gathered through the evaluation designed for the program, there were three main findings as following: 1. Through the implementing of the program, there were positive effects on improving students' reading and writing motivation in several relating language aspects. However, the improved motivation of reading and writing didn't transfer to other learning situations. 2. Through the implementing of the program, not only the reading comprehension was improved, but also making the vocabulary more sense for new immigrant students. 3. There were remarkable and relatively steady growths in both quality and quantity of students' writing in the program. Nevertheless, the writing quality may have been easily affected once the learning situation changes. 4. New immigrant students were much more interested in the instructing topics which relating to self-experience and background, or provoking their imagination. And they disliked abstract and private topics. 5. New immigrant students liked the learning activities which were interesting and effectively helpful for learning. They were willing to share their own stories and interested in creating stories through the reading process. Based on the results, several instructing suggestions for Chinese remedial instruction programs were made and may have shed some light on program design, implement and research for future educators and researchers.
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