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Title: 希望理論在提升國小六年級英語學習低成就學生學習成效之行動研究
Authors: 唐淑華
Keywords: 希望理論
Hope Theory
English remedial instruction
English underachievers
After School Alternative Program
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討以希望理論為基礎的英語補救教學方案,能否提升學生的學習希望感與英語學習成就。過去研究顯示國小英語補救教學有實施的迫切性,而近年教育相關單位投注大量經費於國小英語補救教學,多以加強學生認知能力的方法進行補救教學,但卻顯示實際成效有限。本研究以正向心理學的觀點探討此議題,並更具體以C. R. Snyder希望理論為研究與課程設計之基礎,透過兼採認知與情意的方法進行補救教學。為了解本研究的教學方案設計,能否對英語學習低成就學生的希望感和學習成就產生正面影響,研究者以行動研究為方法,進入台北市希望國小(化名),擔任攜手潛能學習計畫之教學者,參與實際教學以進行研究。本研究參與者為六位六年級英語學習低成就的學生。研究結果發現:一、學生在兒童英語學習希望感量表之表現未達顯著進步;二、學生在英語成就測驗之進步皆達顯著;三、教學者的希望感也在過程中被提升。最後,依據研究結果,對教學者、學校行政團隊、家長以及未來研究者提出建議。
The purpose of this study is to determine if a Hope theory-based English remedial instruction program promotes underachievers’ learning efficiency in elementary school. Past studies have shown that it is urgent to provide English remedial instruction in the elementary classroom. The Ministry of Education and Education Bureaus in city governments have spent considerable money on the issue; however, it seems that only promoting the subject knowledge has not been effective. This researcher wanted to try a different approach. I wanted to apply Hope Theory, as proposed by C. R. Snyder, into my remedial instruction, trying to empower students with positive thoughts and enable them with learning strategies. To determine whether this plan would be effective, I served as an After School Alternative Program teacher to do an action research at an elementary school in Taipei City. There were six 6th Grade underachievers in the classroom. According to all the data gathered through the program, there are three findings. First, the students experienced some positive changes in their learning, although they didn’t show significant improvements in their level of hope. Second, their English achievements were improved significantly by the program. Third, the teacher’s hope in teaching was also promoted by Hope Theory. Based on those findings, I suggest some ideas to teachers, school administrators, and parents, and I outline further studies in English remedial instruction in elementary school.
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