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Title: 參與乎?投入乎?介入乎?國民中學家長參與學校教育之個案研究
A Case Study on Parent Involvement in a Junior High School
Authors: 卯靜儒
Keywords: 家長參與
parent involvement
school choice
educational reform
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: 台灣自從教育改革以來,即開始逐漸強調家長參與學校教育的重要性,隨著《教育基本法》及《國民教育法》的制定,家長選擇學校及參與學校教育事務的權利,皆已在法規中獲得了確立。直到近年更有「全國家長團體聯盟」、「家長學苑」及各縣市家長協會等組織的成立,皆是以增進家長參與權以提升學生學習為理念,足見「家長參與」已成為台灣教育改革中不可忽略的重要議題。然而教育改革中所提倡的「家長參與」學校教育究竟是家長「參與」、「投入」抑或是「介入」?因此,本研究旨在了解家長參與的在地實踐與意義。研究目的如下: 一、了解家長參與的原因、方式、範圍及參與後產生的效果及意義。 二、探究家長與教師、學校行政人員之間的關係,彼此如何看待家長參與。 三、探究家長參與後,家長、教師與學校行政人員間的權力運作。 為能深入地了解家長參與的在地實踐與意義,本研究採用質性的個案研究,以台北地區一所國中為研究場域,透過深度訪談、參與觀察、文件分析等方式蒐集資料,進行為期一年的研究。 本研究透過資料的分析與整理之後獲致下列結論: 一、選擇學校即是家長參與的開始。 二、家長透過不同社會網絡的連結、學校日及不同的家長組織參與學校教育, 參與的範圍包括與升學相關的參與及與生活相關的參與。 三、造成家長參與差異的主要原因在於「時間」及「距離」。 四、家長參與後帶給教師更多的壓力。 五、「家長參與」因權力分配及教育理念之差異,而形成參與、投入及介入 之不同。 最後,根據研究結論,研究者提出有關家長參與在教育政策及後續研究之可行方向與建議,備供參酌。
Educational reform in Taiwan has been emphasizing the importance of parent involvement in the past decades. Through the formulation of Educational Fundamental Law and Citizen Education Law, the rights of school choice and parent involvement have been established firmly. Parent involvement has been a crucial issue of educational reform in Taiwan, while we can see it clearly from the recent establishment of National Alliance of Parents Organization, Parents School, and other parent organizations, which all highlight the rights of parental involvement on advancing the students’ learning. However, so called “parent involvement” in educational reform represents parents can participate, involve or intervene in schooling? Therefore, the purpose of this study is to understand the local practice and the meaning of parent involvement in Taiwan. To fulfill the above-mentioned purposes, in-depth interview, participant observation, and documents are employed to collect empirical data in this qualitative case study. The major findings are as follows: (1) parent involvement starts from choosing a school for their children; (2) parents participate schooling through joining various connections of social networks and parent organizations, and moreover, parents would not only participate the issues related to students’ studies but also school daily life issues; (3) time and distance are the key factors to influence how parents participate in a school; (4) parent involvement brings teachers more pressure; (5) due to the differences of power distribution and educational beliefs parents own, “parent involvement” may represent “ participation”, “involvement”, or “intervention”.
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