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Title: 學校本位課程發展推動下教師經驗之傅柯式探究
A Foucauldian inquiry of Teachers' experiences with the promotion of school-based curriculum development
Authors: 卯靜儒
Chin-Ju Mao
Ya-Wen Zhuang
Keywords: 學校本位課程發展
school-based curriculum
teachers' experiences
narrative Interview
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 當前教育改革浪潮中,相關課程改革的新興議題與政策推陳出新。本研究關注「學校本位課程發展」的推動脈絡下如何構成教師經驗。筆者從自身經驗反思,深受傅柯的主體與權力論述啟發,進而運用敘述訪談法,並結合現場觀察,關注現場教師更具脈絡性、更細節的經驗,再將經驗現象與相關理論進行對話。最後,希望藉本研究的發現,反思學校本位課程發展的推動,回饋給當前課程改革的推動。
The emerging subjects and policy which relate to the curriculum reforms have been promoted and implemented constantly in Taiwan. This research focuses on how teachers’ experiences are shaped during the promotion of school-based curriculum development. I am deeply inspired by Foucault’s viewpoint of power, which leads me to the concern about the subject of the school teachers. To collect the more detailed and tiny teachers’ experiences, I took advantage of Narrative Interview as well as Spot Inspection. Moreover, I interpreted the collected material with Foucault’s theory. Finally, some suggestions were proposed to contribute to the promotion of the curriculum reforms.
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