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Title: 國民中學男女校長領導行為之比較研究
Authors: 簡茂發
Keywords: 領導行為
leadership behavior
junior high school principal
sex defferences
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討分析國民中學男女校長領導行為之間的差異情形。研究分析聚焦於「人際互動」、「專業發展」、「課程教學」、「行政運作」、「願景文化」五個層面的領導行為。 本研究自台北縣市及桃竹苗地區,隨機抽取152位公立國民中學校長為研究樣本,以自編「國民中學校長領導行為描述問卷」研究工具,實施問卷調查。問卷資料之分析採用描述性統計、t檢定、單因子變異數分析等統計方法。 本研究的主要發現如下: 一、整體而言,國民中學校長領導行為表現積極。 二、國民中學男女校長領導行為在「人際互動」、「願景文化」兩個層面及問卷整體得分上有顯著的差異,男校長得分均較女校長得分為高,顯示男校長領導行為較女校長積極;在「專業發展」、「課程教學」、「行政運作」三個層面則無差異。 三、在年齡、服務年資、校長年資、學歷、學校規模、學校地區、 學校歷史等背景變項上,不同組別的國民中學校長之領導行為並無顯著差異。 四、國民中學男校長在「人際互動」層面的領導行為最積極,國民中學女校長在「專業發展」層面的領導行為最積極。 五、國民中學校長較忽略「課程教學」層面的領導行為。
The purpose of this study was to analyze the differences between junior high school male and female principals’ leadership behaviors . The focus of analyses was laid on five dimensions: interpersonal interaction , professional development, curriculum and teaching, administrative operation, and vision and culture. The sample for this study consisted of 152 public junior high school principals. Only those who worked in Taipei County, Taipei City, Taoyuan County, Hsinchu County and Maioli County were selected as subjects. All the subjects were tested with Questionnaire of Junior High School Principals Leadership Behaviors. The data obtained were statistically treated by descriptive statistics, t-test and one-way ANOVA for multiple comparisons. The main findings of this study were as follows: 1.As a whole, junior high school principals’ leadership behaviors were in an active state. 2.There was significant difference between junior high school male and female principals’ leadership behaviors, including in two dimensions, “interpersonal interaction” and “vision and culture.”. Furthermore, the score of male principals was higher than that of female principals. 3.There was no significant difference in junior high school principals’leadership behaviors with diverse background variables (age, teaching experience, period of being a principal, academic background, scale of the school, location of the school, and school history). 4.Junior high school male principals focused on the leadership behaviors in “interpersonal interaction” dimension; female principals focused on those in “professional development” dimension. 5. Junior high school male and female principals relatively ignore the behaviors in “curriculum and teaching” dimension.
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