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Title: 桃園縣高級中等學校組織文化與學校效能之研究
Authors: 謝文全博士
Keywords: 學校組織文化
school organizational culture
school effectiveness
Issue Date: 2006
Abstract: 摘 要 本研究旨在探討桃園縣高級中等學校的組織文化、學校效能與兩者之關係,並瞭解不同背景學校的組織文化、學校效能與兩者關係是否有差異,及不同背景學校人員的看法是否有差異。研究對象為桃園縣內公、私立高級中等學校,但不包括夜間部以及進修學校,共計29所學校。本研究採問卷調查法及訪談法進行。共計發出問卷805份,回收713份,有效問卷為671份,有效率為83.35 %。本研究以平均數、單因子變異數分析、t考驗、皮爾遜積差相關等統計方法進行分析。本研究主要結論與建議如下: 壹、結論 一、桃園縣高級中等學校整體組織文化的類型,係屬於兼具四種文化的「整合型文化」。 二、不同背景的桃園縣高級中等學校,其學校組織文化有差異情形存在。 三、不同背景的桃園縣高級中等學校人員,對學校組織文化的知覺有所差異。 四、桃園縣高級中等學校的學校效能高,其各層面的效能也都高。 五、不同背景的桃園縣高級中等學校,其學校學校效能有差異存在。 六、不同背景的桃園縣高級中等學校人員,對學校效能的知覺有差異存在。 七、桃園縣高級中等學校的組織文化,和學校效能有高度的正相關存在。 八、桃園縣高級中等學校組織文化和學校效能各層面相互間有正相關存在。 貳、建議 一、對教育行政機關之建議 (一)對「縣立」高級中等學校相關業務,建議教育行政機關應設專業部門或專人管理。 (二)加強教師在職進修,提昇教師專業知能。 (三)落實「高中職社區化」精神,以均衡各高級中等學校的組織文化與學校效能。 二、對學校的建議 (一)營造良好組織文化、提升學校效能 (二)提升小型學校、高職、縣立學校組織文化。 (三)學校應鼓勵師生同儕之間良性的「競爭氣氛」,以提升學校的理性文化。 (四)鼓勵女性教育人員從事行政工作,提供參與行政與教學之公平機會。 (五)加強「變革與革新、適應與創新」方面的經營策略。 (六)落實教學研究會功能以及教學評鑑,以提升學校適應性效能。 此外,並對後續研究提出建議,以供有志研究者參考。 關鍵字:學校組織文化、學校效能
Abstract The purpose of this study was to probe into the relationship between school organizational culture and school effectiveness of senior high school in Taoyuan county, to realize that different conditions among all sections of school organizational culture and school effectiveness were affected by variables of school circumstances and demographics.The objects of this study included 29 public and private senior high schools of Taoyuan county except night schools(part-time evening schools)and advanced-study schools.The study was analyzed and discussed with questionnaires as well as interviews.The scale was sent to 805 personnel questionnaires in total, accompanied with 671 valid ones which showed the effective rate of 83.35% among 713 returned.The study was analyzed by statistics methods such as mean,standard deviation,one-way analysis of variance,t-test,Pearson product-moment correlation,Scheffe` Method and so on. The notable conclusions of this research were listed as followed: Ⅰ、Conclusions: 1. The type of organizational culture synthesized by four kinds of cultures was「integrated culture」. 2. Under different backgrounds, it had distinct differences performed in school organizational culture. 3. Under different backgrounds,the staffs had different perceptions toward the school organizational culture. 4. Each section of the school effectiveness showed high performance. 5. Under different backgrounds, it had distinct differences performed in school effectiveness. 6. Under different backgrounds,the staffs had different perceptions toward the school effectiveness. 7. The organizational culture had highly positive correlations with the school effectiveness. 8. Every section of organizational culture had positive correlations with every section of school effectiveness. Ⅱ、Proposals: 1.Proposals for educational administrations: (1)The educational administration must set up professional departments or people to manage the concerned business of「prefectural」high school. (2)The educational administration must enhance the in-service training of teachers in order to promote their expertise. (3)To balance the organizational culture and school effectiveness of every senior high school by actualizing the spirits of communization in both senior and vocational high schools. 2. Proposals for schools: (1)To organize well organizational culture and to promote the school effectiveness. (2)To improve the organizational culture of small-scale school, vocational high school and prefectural school. (3)School concerned ought to encourage the friendly competitive atmosphere among teachers, students and peers for the sake of promoting the rational culture. (4)To encourage the female staffs to engage in administrative work and to provide them the opportunities of administrative participation and instructional equity. (5)To enhance the managing strategies in terms of 「change&renovation;adaptation &innovation」. (6)To promote the effectiveness of school adaptability by fulfilling the functions of the instructional research association and the instructional evaluation. Besides, proposals to the follow-up study will be offered as references for those who are interested in this category. Key words:school organizational culture, school effectiveness
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