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Title: 應用心智圖於國中寫作教學之行動研究
The Action Research on Mind Map of Writing Teaching in Junior High School
Authors: 洪詠善
Hung, Yung-Shan
Kuo, Wen-Ling
Keywords: 心智圖
Mind map
Junior high school
Teaching writing
Action research
Issue Date: 2017
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討研究者任教的七年級學生,設計一套應用心智圖於寫作教學方案,探討教學規劃與實施歷程,並透過觀察紀錄、寫作成果、學生回饋問卷、學生訪談,以檢視學生在實施教學方案後的寫作之改變情形和教師專業知能之影響。研究時間始自 2015年9月至 2016 年1月,教學方案實施時間起自 2016 年10 月中旬至 2016年11月底,共六堂課。本研究採取行動研究法,以探討學生學習歷程為主,資料蒐集的方法有學生回饋單、觀察記錄、教師省思札記、寫作成果資料等。   本研究結果為: 一、應用心智圖於寫作教學歷程為:引導、繪製心智圖、小組合作學習、寫作。 二、應用心智圖能提升學生寫作能力,尤以中寫作表現學生為佳。 三、應用心智圖能提升學生寫作態度,以高寫作表現和中寫作表現學生有正面影響。 四、經由行動研究歷程,研究者得以提升教師專業知能。
In order to discuss the teaching planning and implementation process, this research was conducted by a researcher who designed a set of application mind map in teaching writing program to the seventh grade students. Through observation records, writing results, students’ feedback questionnaires, and students’ interviews, researcher examined the effects of changes in the writing of the students after the implementation of the program and teachers' professional competences. Research time is from September 2015 to January 2016. Teaching program implementation starts from October 2016 to November 2016 (six classes in total). In this research, action research is adopted to explore the students ' learning process. The methods of data collection include students’ feedback, observation records, teachers' reflections and writing results. The results of this research are: A. The application of mind map in writing teaching process is: guiding, drawing mind map, group collaborative learning, and writing. B. The application of mind map improves students' writing skills. It is most significantly different in middle level students’ writing performances. C. The application of mind map for writing attitude, it is significantly different in high and middle level students’ writing performances. D. In the process of action research, researcher enhances teachers' professional competences.
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