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Title: 北區國民中學教師兼任行政職務經驗之探究
A Study on the Work Experiences of Administrative Teachers at Junior high schools in Northern Taiwan Area
Authors: 陳佩英
Keywords: 兼任行政職務教師
Teachers with additional administrative post
Will to reappointment
Qualitative research
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究採質性研究並藉以敘事研究取徑做為研究方法,探究北區國民中學教師兼任行政職務工作之經驗與感受,並了解影響其續任行政職務工作意願因素。 本研究六位受訪者分別服務於北區六所不同行政區、學區特性及學校規模的國民中學,其兼任的職務分別為生教組長兩位、教學組長兩位、教務主任兩位。 經整理六位受訪教師的訪談資料,研究發現影響北區國民中學教師兼任行政職務工作的因素,分別受到教師個人因素、學校組織因素及工作困境因素等三方面影響。在教師個人因素方面包含:內在動機因素、性別與家庭因素、年齡與服務年資及工作壓力因素三部分。學校組織因素包含:受到學校主要發展教育目標與家長社經地位發展的影響。工作困境因素包含:受到行政職務任職順序與工作時間不足的影響。 本研究並針對前述研究結論提出相關建議。首先在學校層面的建議,希望學校主管人員能善用公平與激勵策略鼓勵遊說資深教師回流行政工作,並同時培育新進教師參與行政工作,採雙軌策略並行,以鞏固校園行政人力結構。其次,對於兼任行政職務教師的建議,提供化解負面壓力的積極策略及進修成長的建議,以幫助自己在行政生涯路上走得更加踏實。
This study adopts qualitative research and narrative research as the approaches for study methods to explore the experiences and feelings of junior high school teachers who also took on administrative posts in the north, as well as to understand the factors for their feelings towards the reappointment of administrative tasks. The six interviewees in this study serve at six junior high schools in the north with different administrative districts, school district characteristics and school sizes; the additional positions they took on include two chiefs of behavior, two chiefs of curriculum, and two directors of academic affairs. After organizing the interview data of the six interviewed teachers, it was discovered that the factors influencing junior high school teachers in the north to take on additional administrative tasks include the following three aspects: teachers’ individual factors, school’s organizational factors as well as work predicament factors respectively. Teachers’ individual factors include three parts: intrinsic motivational factor, gender and family factor, age and length of service factor, as well as work stress factor. School organizational factors include: influences from the school’s main development of educational goals and the development of parents’ social experience and status. Work predicament factors include: influences from the sequence of taking on the post for administrative tasks and insufficient work time. This study further proposes relevant suggestions based on the previously mentioned research conclusions. Firstly is the suggestion for the school level, it is hoped that the school’s executive staff may utilize fair and incentive strategies to encourage and persuade senior teachers in returning to take on administrative tasks, while also cultivating newly employed teachers to participate in administrative tasks, to adopt the double-track strategy in parallel in order to reinforce the school’s administrative human resources structure. Secondly is the suggestion towards teachers with additional administrative posts, provide suggestions of positive strategies to neutralize the negative stress as well as further education, so as to benefit oneself in taking more solid steps in an administrative career.
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