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Title: 教育行政倫理及其課程之研究
Authors: 謝文全博士
Keywords: 教育行政倫理
Issue Date: 2005
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討教育行政倫理之意涵,及透過實徵研究瞭解國內教育行政倫理課程設計與實施之情形,和理想課程設計之差距。所得結論大致如下: 一、教育行政倫理之意義係教育行政人員倫理表現的指引與道德規範,也是教育行政人員之倫理知覺、態度、特質和德行。 二、教育行政倫理內涵宜含括效益、正義、關懷、批判和德行五個面向,國內、外倫理守則內容反映正義倫理內涵者居多。 三、教育行政倫理課程設計應考量成人學習、學習者道德發展、關注道德情感、強調批判反省、重視社會化及傳統倫理理論之影響等原則。 四、教育行政倫理課程設計類型最理想的作法是兼採融入式及獨立式兩種;但目前國內多傾向融入式設計,採取獨立式與有計畫融入設計者仍少。 五、教育行政倫理課程的目的宜包括「道德認知」、「道德情感」與「道德實踐」的層面;但目前國內對道德情感面向的課程目的較為忽略。 六、教育行政倫理課程內容宜包含教育行政倫理相關理論、專業倫理守則、相關案例、及倫理決定模式與策略等;但目前教育行政倫理案例為最常見的課程內容。 七、教育行政倫理課程教學方法宜多樣化;但目前國內常採用的方法主要為講述與經驗分享、文獻閱讀/討論、案例教學。 八、教育行政倫理課程學習評量與標準宜多元化,兼顧學生的學習歷程與學習結果;但目前國內很少針對教育行政倫理課程進行學習評量。
This study aimed to explore the conceptions of educational administration ethics, and investigate the current status of ethics in Taiwan educational administration programs which provided by the institutes of higher education. Besides literature review, the researcher conducted the semi-structure interviews with 18 respondents and two case studies to collect research data. According to the findings, most respondents address ethics by integrated it into the curriculum, andonly few have the course focusing on ethics. Second, the curriculum goals of affection seem to be ignored. Third, cas study was the most common teaching strategy. Fourth, only few respondents carried out learning assessments for students. To sum up, the integrated design of ethical curriculum seems to follow an unorganized direction, andit will be difficult to influence future educational administrators’ knowledge, attitudes andcompetency of ethical practice. If we regard the development of ethical administrators as a priority in an educational administration program, it is necessary for Taiwan educational administration faculty members to rethink the magnitude andthe teaching of ethics in educational administration programs. Certainly, some professional dialogue andnecessary improvements should be conducted.
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