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Title: 手工藝工作坊對養護機構住民生活品質之影響
The Impact of Handcraft Workshop on QOL for the Elderly Nursing Home Residents
Authors: 張千惠
Keywords: 手工藝工作坊
handcraft workshop
nursing home
quality of life
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究主要在探究老人養護機構住民自覺生活品質為何,及參與手工藝工作坊對這些住民生活品質之影響。本研究主要採取質性研究之深度訪談法,針對台北市某家私立老人養護所之住民,進行實地訪談,了解研究對象對居住在養護機構生活品質的看法,及參與手工藝工作坊後對其生活品質的影響為何。訪談對象亦包括研究場域之其他工作人員,包括機構主任、護理人員及社工人員。於研究對象參與手工藝工作坊之前、後,研究者輔以台灣版生活品質量表SF-36之問卷調查,作為佐證資料。研究對象:本研究對象為安置於台北市某家私立老人養護所之5位住民,4位女性,1位男性,平均年齡為81.2歲,平均安置時間為30.4月。簡易智能狀態測驗(MMSE)得分超過切截點10分。研究對象參與每周二次為期二個月之手工藝工作坊活動,研究者並將前述手工藝成品之出售所得平均分配給研究參與者,由其自由支配。本研究之結果顯示,研究對象參加為期二個月之手工藝工作坊活動能提昇他們自覺的生活品質,研究場域內之其他工作人員亦支持手工藝工作坊持續執行與推展,但他們提到需要有專人統籌管理手工藝工作坊之執行與成品之行銷。本研究之結論為研究對象於參與二個月之手工藝工作坊活動後,他們的生理健康、心理健康、社會互動、經濟來源、孤獨感與活動能力皆有明顯的改善,並且有效提昇其自覺生活品質。
The purpose of the research was to investigate the quality of life for residents living in nursing home, and what is the impact on their QOL after participating the handcraft workshop activities. It’s a qualitative study with in-depth interview to the residents who arranged in a private nursing home institution in Taipei city. The study was to find out theirs points of view on QOL about living in nursing home and the impact on QOL after participating the handcraft workshop activities. Researcher also interviewed other workers, including institution owner, nurse and social worker. Before and after participating the handcraft workshop activities, objects also filled the questionnaire of SF-36. 5 residents are living in a private nursing home in Taipei city, four female and one man, with average age is 81.2 and average arranged time 30.4 months. They also examined Mini-Mental Status Examination (MMSE) over 10 points. The study objects had participated handcraft workshop activities twice a week over two months. Researcher gave them earnings equally came from selling the products which they made in the handcraft workshop, and they used it by their own will. According to the result of the study, objects participating two months handcraft workshop activities can improve their quality of life. The workers of the research institution also supported the workshop hoping it consistently implemented and be popularized. But it claimed someone to manage the execution and selling. In the study, research objects participated 2 months handcraft workshop activities can improve their quality of life obviously in many aspects, including physical health, mental health, social interaction, economic resource, activity performance and reduce loneliness.
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