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Title: 中途視障教師工作調適歷程之個案研究
Authors: 張千惠
Keywords: 中途視障
acquired visual impairment
work adjustment
adjustment process
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 本研究旨在探討在職之中途視障教師其中途視障對工作的影響,工作調適歷程中之調適策略和其所運用之資源。以質性研究之深入探討方式來蒐集相關資料。主要研究資料為訪談逐字稿及相關文件。本研究發現:一、本研究參與者中途視障對工作所造成之最大影響為備課、班級經營、課後評量和職場人際互動困難、以及兼任行政工作的困難。二、研究對象之工作調適策略有「自我心理調適」「改變與家人互動的態度」、「申請職務再設計」、「職務的調整」、「使用輔具」、「學生合作學習」、「發展班級經營策略」、「改善職場人際關係」、「人力協助」「參與教學研習」、「職業重建技能學習」、「定向行動學習」及「參與心理輔導課程學習」等。三、工作調適歷程中所運用的資源有「心理輔導知能」、「職務再設計」、「輔具資源」、「人力協助資源」「盲用電腦課程」、「教學知能」、「有聲圖書」、「定向行動訓練」及「社工個管服務」。本研究文末亦針對勞政、社政、民間視障重建服務單位及中途視障者提出建議。
The purpose of this study was to explore the impact of acquired visual impairment on work adjustment process, and the strategies and the resources needed to deal with this impact. A qualitative single case research approach was used to collect data. The data included transcripts from several in-depth interviews and the participant’s publications as supporting documents. The results of this research found that the major impact of acquired visual impairment included challenges in lesson preparation, class management, evaluation of students’ learning outcome, difficulties in social interactionsand dealing with school administration affairs. This study also found that the strategies needed to deal with the impact of visual impairment included: adjusting one’s own emotion, changing the ways of interacting with family, applying for job accommodation, use of assistive technology devices, using cooperative learning strategies in students, developing class management strategies, using sighted assistants, attending professional training meetings, learning rehabilitation skills, and learning orientation and mobility skills. Finally, the results of this research indicated that the resources needed to deal with the impact of acquired visual impairment included: taking professional training courses, job accommodation, assistive technology devices, sighted assistants, computerized Braille courses, orientation and mobility trainings, audible books and case management services. At the end, this research also proposed suggestions for the human resource departments, social welfare departments, and rehabilitation agencies.
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