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Title: 大專校院學習障礙學生自我概念與學校適應之研究
A study of self-conception and school-adjustment of college students with learning disabilities
Authors: 吳亭芳
Wu, Ting-Fang
Liao, Ying-Hsin
Keywords: 大專校院
learning disabilities
college choice
Issue Date: 2016
Abstract: 本研究旨在瞭解大專校院學習障礙學生自我概念與學校適應之現況,並探討大專校院學習障礙學生選校因素、自我概念與學校適應之相關與預測力。採問卷調查法,以「田納西自我概念量表(成人版)」、「大一新生學校生活適應量表」以及自編之「選校因素量表」為研究工具,臺灣地區大專校院學習障礙學生為研究對象,運用分層群集抽樣法,有效問卷回收率為92%,有效樣本240份。依據本研究之結果,歸納以下結論: 一、大專校院學習障礙學生之心理自我概念尚佳。 二、大專校院學習障礙學生之學校適應良好,其中以同儕關係適應最佳。 三、不同背景(性別、年級、學校類別)之大專校院學習障礙學生在自我概念與學校適應之表現沒有差異。 四、考試成績之選校因素與學業/工作自我概念具有正相關。 五、選校因素與學校適應具有正相關。 六、自我概念與學校適應具有正相關。 七、心理自我概念、就業考量之選校因素能有效預測學校適應。 最後依據研究結果,提出相關建議,以作為後續教育相關輔導人員及未來研究之參考。
The purpose of this study was to understand the current situation about self-conception and school-adjustment in college students with learning disabilities. It also aimed to explore the relationship among college student’s college choice, self-concept and school adjustment. The study adopted questionnaire survey method. The research instrusments were Tennessee self-concept scale, school adaptation for college freshmen scale, and college choice scale. Subjects were recruited from college students with learning disabilities in Taiwan. The valid response rate was 92%, and effective questionnaires were 240. Some conclusions had drawn from the study as follows: 1.The mental-self of all college students with learning disabilities were above average. 2.The school adjustment of all college students with learning disabilities were the average, and the score of peer relationship is the highest. 3.There were no significant differences in self-conception and school-adjustment of gender, grade, school type in college students with learning disabilities. 4.The test scores of college choice and school/work-self were positively correlated. 5.The college choice and school-adjustment were positively correlated. 6.There was significantly positive correlation between the self-concept and school-adjustment. 7.The mental-self and employment opportunities in the future of college chioce had positive prediction to school-adjustment. In the end of this study, based on the study findings, the researcher made recommendations as a reference for college students with learning disabilities, educators, and the follow-up study.
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