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Title: 臺灣學齡前幼兒父母之育兒資訊需求與資訊焦慮
Parenting Information Needs and Information Anxieties of Taiwan Preschool Children’s Parents
Authors: 謝吉隆
Hsieh, Jir-Lung
Cheng, Wan-Ching
Keywords: 育兒
information need
information anxiety
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: 在資訊科技時代裡,資訊量增多、資訊管道多元、資訊透明且易於獲取,本 研究意圖探究學齡前幼兒父母如何運用周遭資訊管道去解決其育兒的資訊需求, 並探討這些豐富的資訊或多元的管道是滿足了父母的需求,或反而導致父母陷入 「選擇的困境」,因而造成父母的資訊焦慮。而不同的資訊管道來源(如親友、 網路、書籍等)除了提供不同的解答外,其管道來源本身是否帶來不同的信任與 情感依賴?或者僅是單純的知識提供與獲取。 本研究採用質性訪談方法,以立意取樣邀訪10 位受訪者。本研究發現,學 齡前幼兒父母在育兒的過程中的資訊需求可分為立即性與延遲性,並影響後續的 尋求行為。學齡前幼兒父母因個人經驗、社會網絡,與資訊環境,針對不同的育 兒問題會採用不同的資訊管道來解決:育兒者常用的資訊來源管道包含親友口耳 相傳、書籍、專業醫護人員、網際網路、電視節目、親子雜誌等;網際網路為受 訪對象最常使用的資訊管道,可分為問答型、討論版、廣泛搜尋等不同方式進行。 本研究亦發現,資訊管道過多一方面的確造成育兒者的焦慮,但也發現部分育兒 者善於在管道間選擇,以降低部分管道所產生的資訊焦慮;除此之外,父母對於 自身難以解決的資訊焦慮會以解決焦慮為首要考量,換句話說父母解決的資訊焦 慮不盡然是育兒問題本身。
In the age of information technology, information keep increasing, its channels become diversifying, information become clear, and easy to acquire. This researching is for investigating how the parents of preschool children acquire necessary information for bringing up their children by using surrounding information channels. Do these plentiful information or diversifying channels satisfy parents’ demands? Or trap them in “the predicament of choice”, and make them apprehensive. In addition, different information sources (e.g., friends, Internet, and books) will bring to different answers. However, do these sources themselves bring different level of trust or emotional dependence? Or solely for the knowledge providing and acquiring? We use qualitative interviews for this researching, and invite ten participants for interviews. The results indicated that, the demand for the parents of preschool children can be classified as immediate and deferred demands during the parenting procedure. The parents of preschool children will solve different information problems by using different channels according to their personal experiences, social net, and information environment. The popular sources includes the word of mouth between friends and relatives, books, professional hospitality specialist, internet, television, parenting magazines, etc.. Internet is the most popular information channels for interviewed participants. Sources from Internet can be further categorized into Q&A, discussion board, search engine, etc.. Another discovering is, too many information channels does make parents apprehensive. On the other hand, we also discover that partial parents are good in choosing suitable channels to reduce their anxiety among all channels. Besides, parents will solve their anxiety in priority for those unsolved information anxiety. In other words, the information anxiety which parents aim to ease is not completely yielded to parenting problems.
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