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Title: 大學讀者對大學圖書館服務環境氛圍偏好研究
Authors: 邱銘心
Keywords: 大學圖書館
Academic libraries
photo elicitation
Issue Date: 2012
Abstract: 隨著時代進步,科技的發展改變了民眾使用資訊的習慣與管道,雖大學圖書館之讀者仍對圖書館實體空間有使用需求,然而到館率及使用率較以往相比有逐漸下降的趨勢。相關研究指出,讀者在選擇使用圖書館實體空間時,除了考慮到其服務及館藏,服務空間的環境設計與氛圍營造亦會影響其使用意願與心態。本研究採用照片引談法(photo elicitation) 作為研究方法,以受訪者所拍攝之照片做為訪談引導工具,探知讀者對於服務環境各因素之想法與偏好。期望研究結果可以了解讀者在選擇使用圖書館時所注重的服務環境因素,並架構出圖書館服務環境衡量架構,以供圖書館在設計館內環境時參考之用。 本研究共訪談9位受訪者,徵集到213張照片作為分析資料。研究結果發現:(一)在知覺構面中最吸引讀者注意的是視覺,功能設計中之設備、家具與區域對於讀者使用影響極大,然館內的裝飾美可幫助調節圖書館氣氛,而在社會構面中,館員及規範對讀者評價影響極大;(二)在服務環境三構面中,讀者最偏重的是設計構面,而其中又以設計構面的功能類所佔的比例最大;(三)讀者對圖書館之評價與定位,可大略分為多元性、功能性、社會性、無償性與大眾性五類;(四)讀者在圖書館之服務體驗對於其非必須之使用行為會產生影響,進而改變到館使用頻率;(五)照片引談法可以幫助讀者重新省視服務環境,在拍照與訪談的過程中以不同的角度了解圖書館;(六)研究結果較過去研究涵蓋範圍更為廣泛,同時涵蓋圖書館環境各因素如裝飾、空間規劃、動線、社會互動、家具設備等因素。
With the development of the time, library services and architecture change from collection-centered to user-centered. While technology greatly changes users’ preferences and channels of using information, users still demand the physical library space, even although the usage rates decline. Related research indicated that when users choose to use library’s physical space, in addition to their services and collections, the design of environment and ambiance will also affect their intention of use. This study uses “Photo-Elicitation” as its data collection method, which uses the photographs taken by respondents as a tool for in-depth interviews. It is hoped that by adopting this method, respondents can be guided to clearly describe the way they would prefer the library service environment be designed. Expect the results would discover servicescape factors which reader care about, construct the library servicescape measurement framework and provide it to library for use. 9 college students were interviewed and a total of 213 photographs were solicited and used as data source. The results show that: (1) Visual connection is the factor which attracts the reader most in terms of the perceptual dimensions. In design dimensions, equipments, furniture and library regions have great impact on reader’s use of behavior, meanwhile decorations can help regulate the library atmosphere. And in social dimension, librarians and library norm can affect reader’s evaluation towards library; (2) in the three dimensions of the servicescape, the reader think highly of design dimension, and the function is the most important factor; (3) reader’s evaluation about library can be roughly divided into five types, which are diverse, functional, social, free of charge, and public; (4) reader's library service experience can influence their non-essential use of behavior and frequency; (5) photo elicitation can help reader re-inspect the service environment, in the process of taking pictures and interviews understanding library through a different perspective; (6) the research results are broader than previous researches, which covering the library environment factors such as decoration, space planning, route in library, social interaction, furniture and equipment, and so on.
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