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Title: 個人圖資部落格回應行為之研究
A Study of Commenting Behavior on LIS Personal Blogs
Authors: 卜小蝶
Pu, Hsiao-Tieh
Liu, Yu-Hsuan
Keywords: 個人圖資部落格
LIS Personal Blog
commenting behavior
content analysis
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: 部落格(Blog)是Web2.0網路服務運用之一,其充分表達個人觀點的特性,使得網路資源更加豐富,也提升了資訊傳播的速度。部落格的人際互動性始於回應功能的開放,讀者藉由此功能將文章的看法、問題等公開分享,並藉由部落客或其他使用者共同討論的過程,無形中產生有別於實際生活的人際關係。圖資領域也嘗試以部落格作為機構與使用者間互動的平台之餘,更多則是以分享知識性或學習性的內容,因而逐漸建立起新知傳播的專業形象,同時研究也指出資訊性部落格比情感性部落格互動性來得踴躍之情況下,圖資部落格的互動性為何?本研究嘗試以內容分析,言談分析以及序列分析法探討個人圖資部落格內容特性與關聯性,並結合訪談分析資料進一步瞭解部落客與回應者間的互動情形。研究結果顯示:(1)個人圖資部落格之目的以資訊分享為主,交流形式雖單純、但回應率頗高;(2)回應的對話行為轉換以「問題→回答」顯著性最高;(3)部落客在部落格的互動環境中,是扮演問題解決的角色,且臺灣與大陸回應者對部落格互動看法有所差異,後者對於能夠與部落客或回應者見面的態度比前者更積極。最後本研究提供相關建議,包含個人圖資部落格文章內容之建議、使用者互動關係之改善以及後續研究建議之參考。
Blog is one of Web2.0 web services and could fully express personal views, which makes website resources more abundant and enhances the speed of information communication. The interaction of the blog began in “give a comment” function, the readers could share the views and problems as well as have relationships different from real life by the process of discuss with bloggers and other users. Library and Information Science (LIS) field not only uses blog as the interaction between institutions and users of the platform, more share knowledge or learning content, thus gradually built up the professional image of new information communication. The related researches also pointed out that the frequency and influence degree of interaction, the informative blogs interact with their readers more frequently than affective blogs, and what is the interaction on LIS Personal Blogs? This study attempts to investigate LIS Personal Blogs content characteristics, relation and users interaction by content analysis, discourse analysis, sequence analysis, and interview. The results indicate that: (1)The main purpose of LIS Personal Blogs is information sharing, the interaction is simple, but the high comment rate;(2) The most significant commenting behavior translation is "questions→answer "; (3)Bloggers in an interactive environment, play a role in problem solving. The commenters in Taiwan and China views differ, the latter’s attitude that can meet with bloggers or other commenters in reality is more positive than the former. Finally, this study provides some suggestions on LIS Personal Blogs post, improving the user interaction and benefit further research.
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